AquaClear Quick Filter A-575 Powerhead Attachment (fits most sizes AquaClear Powerheads)
AquaClear Quick Filter A-575 Powerhead Attachment (fits most sizes AquaClear Powerheads)
Manufacturer : Aqua Clear
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Product Description
The AquaClear Quick Filter attachment converts AquaClear Powerheads into powerful filters for rapid removal of most particulate waste. The large Quick Filter is ideal when providing extra circulation to protect fish and invertebrates. The extra large central core holds an ample supply of granular filter material, like carbon, for specialized jobs such as the removal of liquefied waste or polishing aquarium water. Clip two or more Quick Filters together for expanded filtering capacity or for deeper aquariums. The AquaClear Quick Filter fits all AquaClear Powerheads.
Product Details
  • Amazon Sales Rank: #16689 in Pet Products
  • Size: Glossy Exclusive Paper
  • Brand: Aqua Clear
  • Model: A575
  • Number of items: 1
  • Dimensions: 7.30" h x 2.60" w x 2.60" l, .29 pounds
  • Product Features
  • Helps provide rapid removal of waste from aquariums
  • Quick and easy installation
  • Fits any AquaClear Powerhead
  • Ideal for polishing water after maintenance
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    5NIce option to save old power heads! Thanks!!
    By Andrea
    Needed this to be able to reuse the power heads they fit because we removed the under gravel filter due to a pest snail out break. This works great when doubled up per power head to hold it up high off the bottom on our 90 gallon tank. the under gravel filter tubes used to hold it for us. We never had the clips or suction cups to hold it up.
    It's about the size of a tall pop/beer can and doubles up nicely. It will provide more bio filtering while the new sand bottom that replaced stones takes hold.

    (off topic)
    We were told that fluval cycle is the very best for only important bacteria to save the tank with all the fish still in it after making such a change and it did exactly that and we lost no fish. You could see it trying to get bad and then you add the fluid and it's crystal clear again. This is great info for those who make major changes to their tanks like we had to. We didn't loose any fish or plants.

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    By Astro
    Feels a little cheap, but holds together well regardless. Comes with one quick filter insert and a 2 compartment cage for other filter media like BioMax or sponge. I have actually switched over to using this as my primary filter since my tank is small and having this and another filter on it were just too much! I just cut open the BioMax from my AquaClear 30 and put them in one compartment and put the sponge into the other. My only complaint is that it's very long! A shorter, fatter one for smaller aquariums would be nice.

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    4Effective water polisher
    By Nashville Farrell
    The AquaClear Quick Filter is a pretty effective water polisher. There isn't much else that you can say about it. That is what the Quick Filter was designed for and essentially all it does.

    The AquaClear Quick Filter Refill Cartridge filter sleeves have a fine mesh that prevents all but the most minuscule particles from passing through; great for polishing water but because of this, the AquaClear Quick Filter clogs fast. I use the filter only after gravel vacuuming or any disturbances in my substrate. It will clear my 150 gallon tank in about 12 hours with an AquaClear 70 Powerhead on full.

    The filter comes with two plastic media cages that the filter sleeve wraps around. These cages also serve as a place for carbon, peat or zeolite to be added, but because the filter clogs quickly, these media baskets are fairly pointless other than to wrap the filter sleeves around.

    The upside of The AquaClear Quick Filter is that it is exactly what it says it is, a 'quick' filter, and as a quick filter, the AquaClear is perfect. As a biological or chemical filter, the AquaClear Quick Filter is essentially useless. But that is what other filters are for, right?

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