Pet Magasin Rawhide Chips for Dogs - US Natural Beef Rawhide Chews, 1 Pound Bag
Pet Magasin Rawhide Chips for Dogs - US Natural Beef Rawhide Chews, 1 Pound Bag
Manufacturer : Pet Magasin
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Product Description
Satisfy your dog's craving to chew by giving him or her these all-natural rawhide chips. Rawhide chews are great for keeping a dog's teeth clean, for removing tartar, for massaging gums to keep them healthy, and for improving your pet's breath. Because dogs naturally want to chew on things, giving them an appropriate outlet for this behavior will help to prevent destructive chewing on shoes, furniture, etc.
These 100% natural rawhide chews are made from the hides of US beef cattle raised in Minnesota, Wisconsin, and Nebraska. Hides from non-US sources may be subject to poor regulation on additives and other issues, so it's no wonder that veterinarians recommend US-raised hides 9:1 over imported hides. Our hides are treated with a patented process that removes all bacteria without introducing any preservatives or other artificial chemicals. This process leaves the meaty flavor and natural toughness of rawhide intact, so your dog will get plenty of long-lasting chewing pleasure from each chip. These chews are made from the best parts of each hide, further ensuring the quality of this treat.
So why not get this healthy, low-calorie, long-lasting treat for your dog? It's a treat that your pet will love!
Pet Magasin is a company committed to providing top-quality products for your pets. You can be confident you're buying from people who love pets as much as you do.
Product Details
  • Amazon Sales Rank: #2859 in Pet Products
  • Brand: Pet Magasin
  • Dimensions: 7.00" h x 2.00" w x 11.00" l, .96 pounds
  • Product Features
  • Satisfy your dog's love of chewing the natural way, with 100% pure rawhide.
  • A 1-pound bag of randomly shaped chips of all-natural beef rawhide for small to medium dogs. Has a meaty flavor that dogs love
  • A fun treat for your dog, and helps clean your pet's teeth, promote healthy gums, and improve dog's breath. Also helps prevent destructive chewing
  • Tough and long-lasting, each chip will give your dog plenty of chewing pleasure, lasting much longer and having fewer calories than biscuits and other fatty treats
  • Proudly made from US beef hide. Treated to eliminate bacteria without adding any preservatives or other chemicals
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    4Good product even with the extra no cost ants
    By Medic
    My dogs like them but I did not like the ants in the bag when they arrived. The product was listed for a very good price compared to pet store prices so I decided to try these rawhide treats. I like that they were all natural and made here in the U.S. as major pet stores have many products packaged overseas and the products tend to have a bad odor that takes a few days to air out before my dogs will eat them. When the box was opened I had the raw hide chews and lots of moving specks of protein we call ants inside the plastic bag. Very small red ants. I opened a corner of the bag, filled with water and poured the water out but almost all the ants remained so I microwaved the bag to kill the ants and rinsed off each chew individually to remove the now dead ants. The Amazon box had to go outside as there were ants in the box as well. Not sure where the ants came from as the box was on my porch for about an hour when I took it inside. The ants could have originated from my shrub beds next to the porch but I did not look for ants when I picked up the box and did not see any ants on the porch afterwards.
    Good products that I dogs are chewing right now and a very good price but the bag needs to be sealed better with no holes in it.
    Update on the product. Killing the ants with water and a microwave softened the chews slightly. I cut one of them in half for my two long hair chihuahuas and gave a whole chew to my Jack Russell. They are all chewing quietly and are content. I would purchase these chews again.

    2 of 2 people found the following review helpful.
    5Rawhides Love Me Love My Dog
    By Brozme
    I have a terrier mix. In fact this my third terrier, and one thing I have learned about the breed is if you don't keep them busy they will quickly turn into a terrorist.
    Doodle dog, the terrier's name embodies his name. He needs something to do besides chasing a ball or doing tricks, such as giving me a high-five for a job well done.
    Rawhide Chips give him the worry bone relief he needs to clean his back molars. I love Rawhide Chips, well not me personally, but my little buddy Doodle does. Perpetuating the saying: Love Me Love My Dog

    3 of 3 people found the following review helpful.
    2but she didn't like these.
    By Chad Moller
    It wasn't for our dog. She normally loves chews, but she didn't like these.

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