Hikari Usa AHK73254 Prazipro for Aquarium, 4-Ounce
Hikari Usa AHK73254 Prazipro for Aquarium, 4-Ounce
Manufacturer : Hikari Usa Inc.
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Product Description
For disease conditions caused by flukes, tapeworm, flatworm and turbellarians. Oxybispropanol and <5percentage praziquantel by weight.
Product Details
  • Amazon Sales Rank: #13439 in Pet Products
  • Size: 4 oz
  • Brand: Hikari Usa Inc.
  • Model: 42175
  • Number of items: 1
  • Dimensions: .2" h x .2" w x .2" l, .2 pounds
  • Product Features
  • Hikari prazipro 4oz
  • For disease conditions caused by flukes, tapeworm, flatworm and turbellarians
  • Oxybispropanol and <5percentage praziquantel by weight
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    5PraziPro for flukes
    By JTcustoms
    I have used this product for roughly a year with good results. Great liquid form of prazi for treating flukes and other parasites listed on the bottle. I have also used prazi powder, but prefer the PraziPro liquid because the powder form is harder to measure and dissolve into water. Make sure you calculate the correct size bottle for your tank or pond. 1 teaspoon treats 20 gallons. 4oz bottle treats 480 gallons.

    TREATMENT CYCLE: Treat entire tank, do not use quarantine. Start with largest water change possible. Remove carbon (resume normal filtration) and add PraziPro for 5-7 days. After first treatment is complete, perform at least a 75% water change and wait exactly 4 days before re-dosing, do not return carbon yet. After 4 days perform 25-50% water change and re-dose PraziPro for 5-7 days. After second treatment is complete, perform a 25-50% water change and return carbon to remove any remaining medication. The reason you are treating twice is to kill any freshly hatched fluke eggs. NOTE: fluke eggs will not hatch when prazi is present on the first dose. This is why you need to wait 4 days between doses. DO NOT mix prazipro with any other medication. Minimal levels of aquarium salt are fine during and after treatment for healing purposes. If your fish are heavily infested with parasites, I recommend treating with chelated or ionic Copper before using PraziPro.

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    5Saved the rest of my fish.
    By Tahoejeepmom
    I have been keeping fish since 1998. I am not new to fish keeping. I have seen most things that can go wrong with fish. I have been able to cure most of my sick fish now a days you live you learn.

    You need to have a good idea of what is causing your fish to be ill or die. My water quality had been perfect I have LOTS of plants and do weekly water changes in my 80 Gal tank. It is well filtered and my oldest fish in that tank is 5 years old. I bought some new fish emperor tetras and shortly after my older black tetras started dying off. One black tetras was very fat looking Not dropsy. So I decided that it most likely was internal parasites. Sure enough after doing a 90% WC I added Prazi pro. After the treatment my bloated tetra was back to normal and I did not lose any more fish.

    As I said My tank is heavily planted and all my plants did well no problems with growth or anything.

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    5Wonderful Product.
    By Nick
    This product is for flukes and internal worms, neither of which are visible on fish. Although this is fairly obvious, a couple of previous reviewers seem to have gotten the idea that this product treats external parasites that can be easily seen, such as ich, velvet, and the like. It doesn't.

    Moving on now. It should be noted that all fish, whether they're from a reputable breeder or a pet store, will have flukes (particularly gill flukes). It's next to impossible to completely get rid of them, so it's necessary to treat at least once a year to keep the numbers low. Think of it like worms in dogs - you'll never be able to erradicate them, but you can control the population to prevent a negative effect on the animal's health. Speaking of which, some fish will also have worms (usually tapeworms) which this product will get rid of too.

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