New Journey Double Pet Dog Car Seat Belt Black Nylon Material Safety 26-40in
New Journey Double Pet Dog Car Seat Belt Black Nylon Material Safety 26-40in
Manufacturer : New Journey
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Product Description
The New Journey pet seat belt is produced by New Journey ,the unique design allows at most 2 pets to sit behind you without distracting the driver,it can keep you driving safely. It's easy to use and unnecessary set-up hassles .Snap on universal compatibility with most vehicles. Quickly buckle in your small dog without a fuss Don't worry about the safety and security of your pet. The high quality nylon fabric ensures durability that will protect your pet from sudden stops, turns, and accidents. With an adjustable length, the pet seat belt accommodates dogs both small and large. Give your pet the freedom to sit, lay down, or stand freely without endangering the driver with distractions. Specifications Material: Nylon Color: Black Pet Weight Capacity: 150 lb. Width: 1 in. (2.5 cm) Adjustable size: 26-40in. (66 -100 cm) Weight: 200g Package Contents 1 x New journey Adjustable Pet Car Seat Belt
Product Details
  • Amazon Sales Rank: #82049 in Pet Products
  • Color: black
  • Brand: New Journey
  • Product Features
  • Snap on universal compatibility with most vehicles. Quickly buckle in your small dog without a fuss
  • Safely harnesses and supports the weight of pets up to 150 lb
  • Modify the length of the belt with simple pull adjustment for a range of 26 to 40 inches (66 -100 cm) in length
  • Made from high quality durable nylon fabric to ensure safety?produced by New Journey
  • Our Safety belt allows at most 2 pets to sit, lay down, or stand freely in a car behind you without distracting the driver
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    5Five Stars
    By winediva
    Sturdy, secure and easy to use. Great purchase!

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    5Keep your pets safe while in the car and allow the driver to concentrate on the road with this dual pet restraint for dogs.
    By Jks
    [[VIDEOID:1d29fb89ba311716b0fec9739260b7a0]]There is nothing more important to me than the safety of my puppy Charlie. One of the ways I can achieve this is by using a pet seat belt and this one is able to be used on two dogs at once. One of my complaints about other dog car seat belts that I own is that they are very short in length which limits my dog from laying down if he wanted. Previous ones I have purchased do not lengthen or shorten . This seat belt for my pup can be easily adjusted. One of my dogs favorite activities when on a drive is getting some fresh air. This seat belt permits him to do what he loves but ensures he could not fall out of the window. Safety is paramount I always travel around with my dog and he must always be secured, this seat belt allows for me to accomplish that task. The safest way to travel with a furry friend is in a crate that will not collapse, but in my opinion this is a close second. I am always amazed by pet owners who travel around on road trips allowing there dog to roam free in the car. If an accident occurs there is nothing preventing them from being launched from the car. My dog is not just a pet he is a beloved family member and I will take the necessary precautions to keep him safe and this dog car seat belt does the trick. A distracted driver is not a safe driver and things can happen in an instant dogs can get excited and launch them selves in the drivers path which could potentially cause an accident. This pet restraint will keep your pooch where he belongs in the backseat and will allow the driver to concentrate on the road. I drive a 2016 Buick encore and the universal seat belt clicked right in and stayed in. I tugged to ensure it would not release on its own, it was not until I clicked the seat belt did the buckle release. The clip can be attached to a pet travel safety harness, I would never recommend attaching this to a dogs collar this should only be used with a harness.

    Extra long tether which is adjustable. The tether can be lengthened or shortened to my preference.
    My dog can lay down comfortably while this is in use
    Keeps my dog safely restrained
    universal seat belt clicked right in without any issues.
    This would work for small and large breeds

    I travel everywhere with my dog and for peace of mind I always ensure he is properly restrained. **I did receive this item for free for my honest and unbiased review.

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    5Wonderful for rambunctious pups
    By Krysten Williams
    We have two pugs currently, one being very hyper and one an elderly gentleman. Our hyper one likes to run all over the car and to try to get in your lap and is a bit obnoxious in his over excitement for going on a car ride. Our elderly gentleman does not like to move around a lot but will jump down from the seat in the car and whine until someone can pick him back up and put him back in the seat. He has arthritis pretty bad and is not suppose to jump off things and cannot jump onto things. We purchased this dog seatbelt in hopes it would prevent any of this silliness from happening when just going to the dog park. We are happy to report it has worked! The pups are not super pleased about it but the pup parents are! The material is just like a seat belt material. It's made like a tandem leash so it's all in one mechanism. You click the metal seat belt piece into the plastic seatbelt piece then connect both grips to the dogs harnesses. I feel so much safer now when driving with the pups, not only because they are not running around the car but also because if we were ever to get into a wreck they would be safe with a seat belt as well.

    I received this product at a discount in exchange for my honest review and discount.

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