HDP Rainbow Pop Collapsible Cubes and Tunnel Play SET for Cats
HDP Rainbow Pop Collapsible Cubes and Tunnel Play SET for Cats
Manufacturer : HDP
Amazon Price : $28.93
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Product Description
2 Deluxe Pop Open Cat Play Cube and a tunnel will keep cats entertained for hours. Built in flexi frame pops open in seconds. Connectors tabs allow additional cubes to be connected to make larger play areas. Including the rainbow tunnel

Folds down completely for easy storage.

H 15" D 11 cubes

Tunnels D13" L 48"


Product Details
  • Amazon Sales Rank: #157966 in Toys & Games
  • Brand: HDP
  • Product Features
  • Cube side 15" Opening 11"
  • Tunnel length 48"
  • Easy to fold and Bright colors
  • Fun to play
  • Connects with other cubes
  • Customer Reviews

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    5One of my cats loves it, the other hates it.
    By Sally Foster
    I have the two cubes and tunnel set up, which makes this a fairly big seven foot long cat toy. The cat who loves the toy has figured out how to drag it around the house while half inside of it. It is astonishing to see, she looks like a demented furry seven foot snail. The cat who hates it doesn't find it the least bit entertaining to be chased (in slow motion) around the house by this demented furry seven foot snail.

    The cat who loves it has tried to sneak up on my a couple of times with this thing. Needless to say, I have yet to be surprised by her doing this as nothing here contributed to sneaking up on anyone, at anytime, at all, ever.

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    5The best money you'll ever spend for a cat toy!!!
    By Kitchen Witchin
    I purchased one of these from a pet store for my kittens over 6 years ago, and they have not ever let a day go by without playing in it, sleeping in it, running through it, and having a very good time. For over 6 years, and they still to this day play in it every single day, several times a day!
    My mother recently got 2 kittens, so I ordered this one for her (could not find it in stores), and when my sister was taking it out of the box and putting it together, my mom's kittens were right there in the mix trying to play with it right away. It is a big hit with those kittens too!
    I prefer this type with the 2 "houses" on the ends as it will not roll as easily as a tube style tunnel, so it does not get the kind of wear and tear--they play with it every day but it has held up very well.
    It might be a little more that usual to spend on a cat product but I have yet to see a cat that does not go wild with delight! Get one for your cats/kittens, turn off the TV, and let them amuse you!

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    3Collapsible means it collapses on your cat while he or she is in it
    By 2centsdepartment
    I'm sort of sorry I bought this. I did want something with cubes and tunnel connected and since it does that I am giving it 3 stars instead of one. But that is the only thing it has going for it.

    After struggling to put it together, because it did not have tabs, as indicated, only strings that tie to each other, the cheap nylon and cheap wire collapsed and became useless. I can't think of a single cat that would appreciate their fun tunnel collapsing on their head. I've seen my cat use the tunnel exactly 2 times since in the month or two since it arrived. And the tops collapsed both times and she didn't know what to do. I had to lift the top so she could see her way out. She is a 4 year old petite kitty, weights approx 7-9 lbs. She can definitely fit in the tunnel with room to spare. She's used the cubes a few times when we play measuring tape game but she is visibly nervous before getting in them. And she's a confident little kitty.

    I bought this the day after my I had to put my beloved disabled chihuahua to sleep. Grief is not a strong enough word to explain how I felt. But I knew Skeezix the kitty was also affected when Liza didn't come and I was not my normal self. So in my cloud I saw this and wanted a tube and cubes and I thought the bright colors might cheer me up and give Skeezix something fun now that is an only pet. Oh how wrong I was.

    In reality the colors are garish. And i have a very modest, small condo with slightly mismatched furniture. Not as bad a dorm or first apartment but definitely not decorated like a real grown up lives here. Even so, i've come to loathe the colors. If this goes with your decor, excluding a child's play room (and even that is pushing the limit), you may have some deep-seated issues and should seek treatment immediately. It looks like a clown pulled it out of his butt in a nightmarish circus act.

    This was most definitely not worth almost $30. I am definitely in the wrong business because based on the low quality materials used I'd bet it costs under $1 to make, maybe $2 at the most. Honestly I'm thinking about returning it because it's a piece of eyesore, useless junk that takes up to much real estate. I considered donating it to a animal shelter thinking little kittens might have fun in it but it would last a day, maybe 2 before it got ripped to shreds.

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