Drawing Salve Grooming Aid, 14 oz
Drawing Salve Grooming Aid, 14 oz
Manufacturer : Neogen
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Product Description
This item is a Drawing Salve Grooming Aid, 14 oz. Purpose of use for Farming, Horse Care Equipment. This product is manufactured in United States.
Product Details
  • Amazon Sales Rank: #89432 in Pet Products
  • Size: 14 Ounce
  • Brand: Neogen
  • Ingredients: Active Ingredients: Ichthammol...20%. Inactive Ingredients: Anhydrous Lanolin, Amber Petrolatum.
  • Number of items: 1
  • Dimensions: 4.00" h x 4.00" w x 4.00" l,
  • Product Features
  • Not for human use.
  • Size: 14 Oz.
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    4Is as stated
    By Amazon Customer
    Is what is says, I am hoping it'll help me heal up my horses "scratches". Didn't notice a bad smell but I wasn't putting it on me. I didn't realize that ichthammol and ammonium bituminosulfonate were the same thing. The active ingredient is ammonium bituminosulfonate but the title/description says ichthammol, just some FYI:) Came fast and on time.

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    5Does What It Says
    By Alma Claudette Ware
    I had a sliver, rather than a splinter, go into a finger so deeply that I couldn't even feel it under the skin. It became painful very quickly but it was so deep and hidden no digging w/ a needle could get to it, and I have a high pain threshold. I was afraid I was going to have to go to a doctor and have my finger opened up, which I could not afford to do, so I did some googling and found this product, ordered it as a last resort.

    It took a bit over a week, but wearing this on a bandaid constantly did the trick. It brought up all the infection to the surface, and finally the sliver of wood popped out as I was cleaning it. I couldn't believe how big it was. This stuff saved me a painful and expensive doctor visit. IT JUST WORKS.

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    5Black Drawing Salve in a Jar!
    By Lynrie
    Many are used to getting the "tried and true" Black Drawing Salve, Ichthammol in a tube. My earliest memories are of the Druggist scooping it into a a small round tin and labelling it. With Ichthammol being more difficult to find at local Drug Stores, I'm glad to get this "industrial size". It seems to last forever and is a medicine cabinet staple.

    A glob on a band-aid strategically placed on bug bites, boils or splinters, softens the boo-boo and brings the splinter, stinger or pus to the surface usually within 24 hours. Just be aware the oily, tarry salve WILL STAIN clothes, bedding etc. and NEEDS to be covered.

    Through the years we've used this on both humans and animals, it works well. My Dad, a carpenter, seemed to always have a deep splinter, us kids with boils, pets with ailments kept my parents doctoring us. You didn't go to the REAL doctor until their treatments failed...I lived to tell about it and treat my kid too !!!

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