2-Pack Bundle Pet Grooming Massage Glove and Brush Glove for Dematting and Shedding on Furry Dogs and Cats with Long and Short Hair
2-Pack Bundle Pet Grooming Massage Glove and Brush Glove for Dematting and Shedding on Furry Dogs and Cats with Long and Short Hair
Manufacturer : PawJoy
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Product Description
Grooming Brush Glove Bundle 2 Pack: Rubber-Tipped Red Grooming Bath Glove and Steel Pin/mesh Brush Massaging Glove for pets with short, medium, and long-haired coats. These gloves are highly durable and have multi-functional roles and can be used to comb, brush, clean, massage, groom, and tidy up matted, tangled, dirt-layered coats. Popular dog breeds include: labrador retrievers, golden retrievers, bulldogs, siberian huskies, german shepherds, poodles, terriers, collies, chihuahua, pointers, sheepdogs, pinschers, basset hounds, and maltese. Popular cat breeds include: shorthairs, tabby, siamese, persians, maine coons, bengals, russian blues, and manx.
Product Details
  • Amazon Sales Rank: #23394 in Pet Products
  • Brand: PawJoy
  • Number of items: 2
  • Dimensions: 2.00" h x 7.10" w x 8.70" l, .45 pounds
  • Product Features
  • COMBAT SHEDDING - Our grooming gloves will greatly alleviate all your worries and headaches of loose hairs being constantly shed and trailing behind wherever your pets go. With a simple stroke from these washable and reusable gloves, your pet's coat will be one step closer to a healthier, tangle-free coat. Alongside its function as a shedding tool, these can gently serve as an anti-anxiety, massage tool to soothe their nerves during a bath or an outing.
  • INNOVATIVE DESIGN - Our gloves have been carefully designed with reliable, pet-safe materials to effectively combat tough shedding jobs on tangled and matted coats. These adjustable gloves come with durable stainless steel pins and rubber tips that have been proven to catch and trap any deeply buried loose or unruly hairs (short, medium, or long) from your dogs, cats, horses, or small animals such as gerbils, rabbits, chinchillas, hamsters, etc.
  • QUICK AND EASY - Our gloves are perfect solutions for on-the-go grooming concerns! It is perfectly travel-sized and its light and flexible structures can help you to give your pet a quick, therapeutic grooming session anywhere on-the-go! Our gloves come with an adjustable Velcro strap that eases the process of transitioning between sessions.
  • QUALITY GIFT FOR PET LOVERS - These gloves can make a great gift for other pet lovers who also constantly face problems with shedding and dirt-layered, loose hairs. Give these items to other fellow pet owners so they can take that extra loving step to show even more appreciation and care for their fellow furry pets.
  • 100% CUSTOMER SATISFATION GUARANTEE - Our gloves are guaranteed to leave you and your pets smiling from ear to ear. All our products are backed by a 100% customer satisfaction guarantee and 100% money back guarantee!
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    5Worth the money!
    By Amazon Customer
    This was worth the money! I just groomed my short haired cat whom has been wearing a cone and unable to clean himself for about two weeks and after using these gloves he is all shiny and silky again! These remove a lot of shedding fur and seem therapeutic to stressed animals!

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    4Four Stars
    By jer
    These work nicely. Two cats, one short and one long haired. Both enjoy the petting with these gloves.

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    1I was very disappointed.
    By Tracy D.
    These did not work at all on my dogs. I was very disappointed.

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