Hornworm Chow Artificial Diet Powder Uncooked (0.25lb)
Hornworm Chow Artificial Diet Powder Uncooked (0.25lb)
Manufacturer : Wormyworms
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Fresh made high quality Hornworm Chow, vitamin enriched. Chow Preparation steps: 1. Pour the chow(0.5 lb) into a mixing bow with 4 cups of distilled/filtered water. 2. Use a hand mixer to mix the chow for 1-2 minutes, make sure there is no chunks left. 3. Boil the mixture in a pod while stirring, make sure the mixture boil viciously, to activate Agar. Best to boil for 3 minutes. 4. Keep stirring while its cooling for half a min or so. 5. Pour them into different cups to settle, or pour it into an airtight container for storing in fridge. 6. If pour into vented cups, boil cups for 2 minutes and let dry first. 0.25lb dry food mix with 2 cups of water, makes about 1.3lb cooked food. 0.5lb mix with 4 cups of water, makes about 2.6lb cooked food.
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  • Size: 0.25lb
  • Brand: Wormyworms
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    1Killed my colony.
    By Jillian Keel
    Udate: I've raised several batches of hornworms, my first total colony collapse was on this chow. I've had a ton of success with the chow from Mulberry Farms, it's pricier but the food from "wormyworms" just killed off 50+ very near final instar hornworms so it's worth paying a little bit more to have them survive through to pupae.

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