The Kitty Tube "SAFE" low voltage Heated Pet Pad
The Kitty Tube
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Product Description
The Kitty Tube "SAFE" Low Voltage Outdoor Electric Heating Pad with Fleece Cover AND FREE SHIPPING. This "SAFE" low voltage heater can be used on top of or below the straw/pillow. This heater is the most advanced heater available for your pet, and this new design is only available from Kitty Tube. Utilizing a sealed element design, it will handle all outdoor conditions. This new heater design, which incorporates a completely sealed heating element, won't break or burn out. Unlike most heaters with a wire element, this element is permanently and hermetically sealed between 2 durable layers of PE film. This heater is of a "SAFE" design as there is no high voltage power inside the Kitty Tube. This design eliminates the risk of fire or electrocution to your pet. Along with re-designing the heater, we also improved the plug in adapter so it fits ALL outdoor outlets. This heater is 15" diameter, and will heat to approximately 102 to 104 degrees F. This is the maximum allowable safe temperature for cats. We are so confident in the quality of our new heaters that we can offer an industry first 12 MONTH warranty against manufacturers defects. Specs: • The heating pad has 3' of chew proof cord, 6' of regular cord, and the 120v adapter has 10' of cord. 19' total. • Specs. 120v. input. • 12 volt output to the heater. • Max Temp is 102 to 104 degrees. F • Diameter= 15" • Power consumption is 15 watts. • Rated and tested for indoor and outdoor use.
Product Details
  • Amazon Sales Rank: #8645 in Pet Products
  • Size: 15" Diameter
  • Color: Tan
  • Brand: Kitty Tube
  • Dimensions: 2.00 pounds
  • Product Features
  • The Kitty Tube "SAFE" Low voltage Outdoor Electric Heater is designed to keep your pets safe and WARM!!
  • The most technologically advanced Pet heater available. Designed to perfectly fit the Kitty Tube, but can be used anywhere warmth is needed for your pet.
  • Built in thermostat maintains a range of 102°F to 104°F
  • Plugs into any 120v outlet, and then converts to a safe 12 volt low voltage current.
  • "Industry first" 12 Month warranty from date of purchase for manufacturers defects.
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    5Peace of mind knowing my cats are warm - make this worth the price
    By PlainAcres
    I purchased this based on the fact that it has a one year warranty. I had read some bad reviews and was hesitant about spending this much unless it was reliable.

    It is a stiff plastic mat; however, the instructions say it can go under the pillow. It also has a note that you should put it off to one side. So that your cat can either sleep on or off the warm area. I would have centered it, but I realize that their instruction is actually smarter. It arrives curled up in a tube box, but within a few hours it relaxed and flattened.

    My cats are working cats. They are here to be mousers. Where I live, it often is well below 0°F for weeks at a time. It is important to me that the cats have a comfortable and warm place to escape the cold.

    The only fault I see in it is that they have only protected about 2' of the cord nearest the pad from chewing. As this is meant to be outdoors and near animals, I would have wanted the entire cord protected from chewing. There is plenty of cord so you can have the higher voltage portion well away from kitty's access. I plan to run the cord between the Kitty Tube and the electric in an old rubber hose to avoid chewing issues. I realize cats are chew-prone; however, this is meant to be used outdoors and I assume other animals might chew.

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    5Kitty Tube rocks!
    By L. Eads
    This seems like the perfect feral cat bed ever made. It's made from very tough plastic and the design includes all the features we could have asked for. As our nights are getting colder, we put in the extra insulation and heating pad.

    3 of 3 people found the following review helpful.
    5Love this heated mat
    By Sheba
    Love this heated mat. It keeps a stray cat very warm in our cold snowy winters. With this heated map inside the Kitty Tube House, she is warm and protected.

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