Repashy Vitamin A Plus - All Sizes - 3 Oz JAR
Repashy Vitamin A Plus - All Sizes - 3 Oz JAR
Manufacturer : Repashy
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DIRECTIONS: This product contains high levels of preformed Vitamin A (Retinol). As a regular powder, it should not be used more than once per week by "dusting" insects, or sprinkling on fresh vegetables at a level of one teaspoon per pound. Retinol and other fat soluble vitamins can build up in the body. Prolonged over powderation can lead to toxicity and overdose or kill your specimens.
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  • Amazon Sales Rank: #94464 in Pet Products
  • Size: 3 Oz JAR
  • Brand: Repashy
  • Product Features
  • Our Micro Fine Vitamin A powder for Reptiles and Amphibians. Contains Preformed Vitamin A as well as Natural Ingredients which provide Beta Carotene.
  • NFORMATION: Preformed Vitamin A (Retinol) is an essential fat soluble vitamin that in nature comes from animal sources only. Plant sources of Vitamin A, such as Beta Carotene and other Carotenoids, must be converted into this active animal form to be utilized by the body. Carotenoids can be converted into Retinol by some species given optimal conditions, but it has been shown that deficiencies can develop if Preformed Vitamin A is not directly provided in the Retinol form.
  • This powder provides Preformed Vitamin A in the form of a spray dried water dispersible Retinyl Acetate powder in combination with natural sources of Beta Carotene derived from algae.
  • GUARANTEED ANALYSIS: Vitamin A 2,000,000 IU/lb.
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    5Keeps my chameleons healthy
    By Nats
    Durring the winter months, my chameleons dont get to go outside for natural UV.
    Once every month or 6 weeks, I very lightly dust 2 large superworms with this stuff and feed it
    to my guys. I choose something high in fat, because vitamin A is fat soluble.

    My general routeen is to dust the feeders with Repashy's Calcium Plus every feeding.
    But the chams need a little extra boost of vit. A sometimes.
    This really helps their color and healthy eyes. It's noticable.

    Repashy makes excelent products, I also recommend their Bug Burger for gut loading feeders.
    It has everything your chameleon needs to stay healthy. But you should include a veriety of fresh
    fruit and veggies as well. Be sure to buy only USDA certified organic produce for your gut loading.

    Just be VERY careful no to overdose. Do not use more then once a month, and gauge the dose
    according to the size and weight of your animal.
    Generaly, just dust a few high fat food items per feeding. Dont dust a a whole bunch.

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    5great stuff
    By Alex Baranowski
    this is an excellent product! it sticks rather well to feeders and you really don't need much of it, but you quickly see a jump in the vitality of animals supplemented with it

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    5excellen product for darts
    By Dolores G.
    a liitle expensive but worth it for my dart frogs

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