LubriSyn Joint Supplement for Canine & Equine, 32-Ounce
LubriSyn Joint Supplement for Canine & Equine, 32-Ounce
Manufacturer : Lubrisyn
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Product Description
Lubrisyn is an oral application of Hyaluronic Acid for joint pain and inflammation for dogs and horses. Lubrisyn is a safe, all natural, easy to use product for relief of joint pain and inflammation seeing results in 7-10 days. Lubrisyn's patented Hyaluronic Acid formulation ensures the integrity of synovial fluid-the key component for the protection and lubrication of all joints.
Product Details
  • Amazon Sales Rank: #20853 in Pet Products
  • Size: 32-Ounce
  • Brand: Lubrisyn
  • Model: LUB.034
  • Dimensions: 9.00" h x 3.00" w x 6.00" l, 2.00 pounds
  • Product Features
  • Age and exercise degrade joint fluid, but LubriSyn replenishes natural HA to help keep joints mobile and healthy
  • Hyaluronan (HA) is a naturally occurring high-molecular-mass glycosaminoglycan found throughout the body's connective tissue, epithelial and neural tissue
  • LubriSyn is the most effective natural joint supplement for people, their horses and their dogs
  • Liquid supplement
  • Clear and Tasteless
  • Customer Reviews

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    5Worked Magic for my beloved Ausy
    By barbw
    My Australian Shepherd has hip dysphasia and I have been pairing this product with Cosequin DS Plus MSM Joint Health Supplement for Dogs 360 Count Chewable Tablets. At first the Cosequin worked by itself but over the years I noticed it was harder for him to get up and his joints seemed stiffer, he didn't have the "joy" he normally displays and I determined he was in pain. Paired with the LubriSyn (I have gone to the 64 oz. size now) he acts like a puppy and his "joy" is back.

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    5Excellent Product for our Precious Pets!
    By Cindy R
    I have a 6 year old King Charles Spaniel. He started limping about a year and a half ago, and we had no idea what was wrong. It was pretty severe. We went from the regular vet, to the sports rehab vet, to the surgeons at Affiliated Vet Specialists (they were amazing). After a few cortisone shots, physical therapy, an ultrasound performed by a specialist who only came into town every few months, pain meds, joint supplements, etc, we could not determine what was going on with Buddy. We finally had to resort to a scope, which determined he had a torn bicep tendon in his right arm. They did surgery and then he went into rehab and had to wear Dog Leggs (a brace made out of soft material with quite a bit of strapping and Velcro) to constrict the movement of his front legs and prevent him from throwing it to the side and not using it. In addition, I was given exercises, told to let him swim, etc. It was a lot. Even with all of that, he continued to limp. I started him on this joint supplement and within 2 weeks (even though I had really given up on much of the therapy), he started walking normal. I had read such fabulous reviews and this seemed to kick him over the edge with healing. As a precautionary measure, since so many dogs suffer with arthritis, I give it to him daily. He is doing amazing. I read so many good things about this supplement and I believe they were right! I have told several people about it. I simple mix a tablespoon into his breakfast, sometimes even watering down a little (it's very thick) or mixing w/ some lunchmeat or warm water. Even if cold and plain, he doesn't mind it at all, and he's very picky. He eats it up, no problem. I will keep Buddy on this forever if it makes him feel better and keeps the aches and pains away as he grows older!

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    5LubriSyn product review
    By Christina
    I HIGHLY recommend this product, LubriSyn for dogs. I have one senior dog that would not be able to get up and walk and her arthritis pain is not that bad compared to how she was before she started taking LubriSyn.. She has been taking this for a year now and she is able to jump up on the couch, hold herself up to go potty and more. This product arrived in 5 days to California ... plus using Amazon was much cheaper than ordering this from the manufacturer and the shipping was free and that also made all the difference to ordering thru Amazon ... I will definitely order Lubrisyn again thru them ... plus it came right to my mail box ...

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