Aqueon Fixture Optibright LED Light, 30-36"
Aqueon Fixture Optibright LED Light, 30-36
Manufacturer : Aqueon
Amazon Price : $60.04
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Product Description
Aqueon brings a new stage of aquatic health and safety to the world. Producing quality products designed for your pets health and habitat, Aqueon rises above the standard and will continue to do so.
Product Details
  • Amazon Sales Rank: #61599 in Pet Products
  • Size: 30-36"
  • Brand: Aqueon
  • Model: 00815682
  • Dimensions: 4.00" h x 2.00" w x 5.00" l, 1.00 pounds
  • Product Features
  • Designed With Your Aquatic Pets Safety And Health In Mind
  • Materials Designed In The Usa
  • Quality driven, Competitive Price and Ease of use with Aqueon
  • Customer Reviews

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    2This Product Has Issues
    By CaliGirl
    Beware before you buy. This is an EXCELLENT light, bright and gorgeous, and the product itself is great, BUT there are issues with the particular ones sold here.

    I bought this exact same brand light (larger model) at Petsmart (large pet chain) and it was perfect and gorgeous on my 55 gal tank. Then I saw this one here at almost $40 less than what it costs at Petsmart, and bought it for my 36 gal tank.

    BUT this one is not working properly, the light turns itself on and off on its own and erratically and I see another reviewer said the same happened to the one they bought.

    Note: I went and bought another one (this same size 30 - 36") at Petsmart today and it works perfect like the first 55 gal I bought.

    Not sure if these are refurbished or some defective set, but I am returning mine.

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    1Great for low- medium light planted tank
    By TK
    Pretty good aquarium led. Pretty cheap price. Only reason i gave it 4/5 ? is because i thought it would be brighter as id hope. Though, very sleek, stylish, clean, modern design. Lets just hope it lasts..

    **Update 5/18/16**
    Just as i suspected and as some of the other reviews have stated... This light does not last! This may be a refurb or something. Light was nice, bright and perfectly fine up until this past week. This thing started flickering uncontrollably to where i couldnt even turn it off but to unplug it. Then when i plugged it back in, it wouldnt turn on. And when it turns on by itself it wont stop flickering. Ridiculous for a 1 month old product. Basically trash at this point.

    **Update 7/31/16**
    So after my last review, i wrote aqueon personally and explained the defective and frustrating situation and they promptly sent me a new power supply. Now my light works perfectly as expected. I dont know if the power supply that was included with the light was a refurb when ordered, but for that i give it 1 star, as far as aqueon customer service.. 5 star all the way.

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    2blue light - night mode quit after 10 days
    By Chris Fullwood
    After 10 days, the blue (night night) quit working suddenly. it has worked great, up until this point.

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