Cat-in-the-bag Cozy Comfort Carrier (Green, Large - over 10 lbs.)
Cat-in-the-bag Cozy Comfort Carrier (Green, Large - over 10 lbs.)
Manufacturer : Cat-in-the-bag
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Product Description
The Cat in the bag, Cozy Comfort Carrier is a bag-style carrier designed especially for cats. The cat can't get loose outside or while medicine is being administered. But the restraint is gentle and comfortable because the 100 percent cotton bag is soft and roomy, allowing the cat to move inside of it. There are three sizes available to ensure your cat's comfort. The cat stays calmer. The bag is easier to put on the cat than it is to put him in a crate or wrap a towel around him to give medicine.
Product Details
  • Amazon Sales Rank: #14176 in Pet Products
  • Size: Large - over 10 lbs.
  • Color: Green
  • Brand: Cat-in-the-bag
  • Model: CCC124000
  • Fabric type: 100% Cotton
  • Product Features
  • The Cozy Comfort Carrier features a roomy bag made of tightly woven 100 % cotton, never unbreathable nylon, yet it still resists scratching and snags.
  • The Velcro collar adjusts like a drawstring to fit any neck size. Wide and soft, it is inside the cotton neckline for added comfort. A handle on the back of the bag becomes a shoulder-strap and a seatbelt pass-through in your car.
  • We Guarantee it will be easier to use than a crate carrier or your money back (see Guarantee)
  • One size does not fit all! We have three sizes available to ensure your cat has a comfortable fit.
  • Your purchase helps animals in need! Cat-in-the-bag donates sale proceeds to the Allie Foundation, which helps organizations that rescue and shelter domestic and wild animals.
  • Customer Reviews

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    66 of 66 people found the following review helpful.
    5"Turtle Cats!"
    By eagletwo
    Recently I purchased a large-sized Cat-in-the-bag cat carrier in anticipation of our upcoming move. I wanted to see if it would suit our two cats--if so, I'd order another. Our black cat is pretty mellow, rather Ragdoll-ish, and with kitty treat bribery he's cool to hang out in the bag for spells of time. Our little girl cat is a scrappy thing, and she does NOT like the carrier! Nevertheless, I ordered her one in blue, small-sized. They keep them both contained even with our little girl's evilly comical attempts to hurl herself out of hers... Try and picture a bagged cat suddenly flying up from the floor and landing unceremoniously like a sack of potatoes some distance away. Yes, it's hysterical! Anyway, I've attached some photos for your edification and enjoyment. (I emailed the one of them both to my husband and his cute response was "Hehe, TURTLE CATS!")

    EDIT - 11/1/15 UPDATE: I've upped the rating here to 5 stars now that we've moved and I've seen how our cats reacted wearing their Cat-in-the-bag carriers in the car. An accident on the freeway left us stuck in gridlock for an extra 5 hours, so an already lengthy trip became even more distressing.... But the cats did not yowl ONCE during the journey, and my husband and I are both very impressed with the bags and how they helped our family during our recent trip. However, I will say that the "Acci-don'ts" pee pads didn't wow me in the same way.

    68 of 69 people found the following review helpful.
    3Overall, I liked the cat bag, but my cat was the opposite of the very calm cat shown in the video. She was frightened.
    By John O'Sullivan
    The bag went on easily, but my cat was the opposite of the very calm cat in the video. My cat thrashed about in the bag, but at least she couldn't get away or scratch my arms off.
    I got the bag because my cat had stopped eating and my vet required that I feed her with liquid food by syringing it (no needle) into her mouth. She hated this forced feeding but the feedings saved her life. The bag kept her from running away and I might try using it to transport her, but her thrashings left about a third of the food on the bag.

    60 of 61 people found the following review helpful.
    5Perfect for cat that hisses and scratches when frightened. My cat did amazingly well in this bag. LOVE IT AND RECOMMEND IT!
    One of my cats is extremely fearful and any situation that frightens him causes him to scratch, howl, growl, hiss and become scary and vicious. I have had to cancel vet appointments at the last minute because I could not get the cat into a plastic hard carrier without serious injury to me. I hoped Cat-in-the-bag carrier would be the solution AND IT IS. Slipping the bag over the cat's head was easy and the zipper worked well. Like putting a dress on a baby or small child. He squirmed briefly then settled down. But No hissing or screaming whatsoever, just a little effort initially to escape. I had my daughter hold the cat in the bag on her lap in the car and not a sound out of the cat. He sat there and looked around. At the vet's we left him in the bag for examination by unzipping the bottom and the vet tech carried him, in the bag, to the back for blood draw. No complaints from the cat at all. We drove home with my daughter still holding the calm and collected cat. The best! It's very well made with high quality canvas fabric and materials. Excellent!

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