Benebone MINI Rotisserie Chicken Flavored Wishbone Chew Toy
Benebone MINI Rotisserie Chicken Flavored Wishbone Chew Toy
Manufacturer : Benebone
Amazon Price : $9.65
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Product Description
Patented ergonomic design - Curved wishbone shape to allow dogs to pop-up one end and get a satisfying chew going. Deep grooves which allow pups to get a good bite and increased surface area for improved scent and flavor. Real ingredients and real flavor - made with super-strong nylon and 100% chicken for irresistible flavor and scent.
Product Details
  • Amazon Sales Rank: #5054 in Pet Products
  • Size: Medium
  • Color: Chicken
  • Brand: Benebone
  • Model: 840500
  • Ingredients: Nylon, real Chicken
  • Number of items: 1
  • Dimensions: .39" h x 3.94" w x 5.12" l, .24 pounds
  • Product Features
  • Patented ergonomic design - Curved wishbone shape to allow dogs to pop-up one end and get a satisfying chew going
  • Deep grooves which allow pups to get a good bite and increased surface area for improved scent and Flavor
  • Real ingredients and real Flavor - made with super-strong nylon and 100% chicken for irresistible Flavor and scent
  • Not recommended for dogs heavier than 30 pounds
  • Made in the USA
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    5Corgi approved!
    By Brian Grzymkowski
    The Benebone MINI Rotisserie Chicken flavor is their 3rd offering. I received our first chicken Benebone along with a replacement bacon one I had ordered. I held them both out, our dog gave them both a careful sniff and then she ran away with the bacon one. Can't say I blame her. She hasn't entirely ignored the chicken, but it's not getting nearly as much love as the bacon. That one remains her undisputed favorite. She is an aggressive chewer, so we try and keep a handful of different chew toys in rotation at any given time. It is not dissimilar to a nylabone in terms of the consistency of the material or the effect that aggressive chewing has upon it. Over the span of several nonstop hours of committed chewing, she is able to do some damage. What I have noted is that Benebones seems to be a bit less inclined to develop harsh corners or sharp edges than nylabones. Areas of wear are a bit more flaky and softer to the touch. There is always a concern about very small pieces begin eaten during the course of a good chew session (which is inevitable), but if she must, I'd rather they be smooth and pose less of a risk for her intestines and tummy. If I took away each chew toy that exhibited signs of "damage", she'd have no toys left. Even with close supervision, she inevitably eats rice sized pieces while she chews. Having gone through 6-8 Benebones now, I can say that they have held up as well if not better than a nylabone and she always goes for a Benebone first when she has a choice!

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    4Loved It, Went Fast
    By TorelTwiddler
    22 lb mutt
    Update 7/25/15:

    Benebone sent us two replacements and he's on the second one now. There's no denying that these are his favorite bones, he chooses them over the others the majority of the time. However, they still go pretty quickly. When the first replacement needed to be tossed it was because he broke off another chunk like the first one, but this time it didn't smell.

    We might buy more just to make him happy.

    Original comment:
    Our pup loved it, it immediately was his favorite the second we gave it to him, but unfortunately it didn't stand up to his aggressive chewing.

    It was delivered and given to him on April 27th and tonight on May 15th (2.5 weeks later) he broke off a part of the single end.

    He has several Dura Chew Nylabones that have lasted several months (2 Nylabone Dura Chew Flavored Bone, Nylabone Dura Chew Double Bone, 2 Nylabone Dura Chew Wishbone) and we've only had to take away one of the plain bones because he flattened both ends.

    We watch his chewing carefully as he is an aggressive chewer to make sure he doesn't ingest anything. I quickly noticed over the first week that the Benebone was much softer than the Nylabones and he was flattening the ends much faster on the Benebone than he does to the Nylabones. Tonight as he was chewing in my lap he snapped off the corner of the single end of this Benebone Mini.

    He dropped the piece and I picked it up, but quickly realized that there was a HORRIBLE smell coming from the broken end of the bone. I can't even describe it, but after taking a couple of pictures it went into the trash immediately (not that he was going to be able to keep it).

    Now, bones break, that's normal (which is why we watch closely), but after only two and a half weeks is way too fast of chewing progress for us at this price ($9.65), so for now we'll be staying with the Nylabones.

    If your pup isn't a super aggressive chewer, they probably will like this bone and have it last, but it didn't stand up for ours even though he did absolutely love it.


    In comparison to the Nylabone Dura Chew Wishbone (Size: Wolf) it is about an inch shorter and the wishbone ends are MUCH closer together, which prevented him from chewing on the insides of them, which I think contributed to his not liking to chew on the double end.


    I have attached pictures from a week after he got it with him holding it, a picture of him holding the Nylabone Wishbone (Wolf size) for comparison, and then tonight. If you look at the corners you can see how they are flattened into sharp points. You can also see how he did not chew on the inner parts of the Benebone wishbone.

    5 of 5 people found the following review helpful.
    4Pup Approved
    By LFH
    My young Bichon/Havanese is a CHEWER! For her size, she puts my Labrador retrievers to shame. I tried Nylabones and rawhide but she went through them too quickly and I was worried about a possible obstruction, so I had to get rid of them. I tried the Nylabone Durachew (for aggressive chewers) but she won't touch it. Overall, Zoey really enjoys her Benebones. I took a star off because she doesn't love them as much or chew them nearly as long as the rawhide or Nylabones but she does chew them and she can only get a flake off at a time so I don't worry about safety. FYI, I have both sizes and she has no problem with either one, though she shows a slight preference for the bacon flavor over the chicken. Recommended.

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