Catit Eco Terra Natural Cornhusk and Raffia Cat Toy, 2 Mice
Catit Eco Terra Natural Cornhusk and Raffia Cat Toy, 2 Mice
Manufacturer : Catit
Amazon Price : $7.37
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Product Description
Catit Eco Terra Toys are made from all-natural materials such as linen, raffia, and cornhusk. These cat toys are designed to engage your cat's natural instincts and provide your pet with hours of chasing, pouncing and playing fun. Catit Eco Terra Toys use minimal recycled packaging to further reduce the ecological footprint. The Catit Eco Terra Toys are a great way to entice your cat while promoting exercise and activity.
Product Details
  • Amazon Sales Rank: #16082 in Pet Products
  • Color: 2 Mice
  • Brand: Catit
  • Model: 53032
  • Dimensions: 5.30" h x 4.00" w x .10" l, .5 pounds
  • Product Features
  • All natural Cornhusk and Raffia cat toy
  • Catnip included; Helps promote healthy chewing
  • Great for promoting play and exercise
  • Use minimal recycled packaging to further reduce the ecological footprint
  • Mice shaped design; Two mice included
  • Customer Reviews

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    3Smaller than expected, the cats rate them a 3
    By orange oli
    These are much smaller than I expected, but for the very low cost I still consider it a good deal. They are of high quality, no complaints there. I worried they would become unglued or unwrapped but after four months they are still all together.
    I work at an animal shelter so these have been tested by a group of kittens to cats! The only felines that liked them are the "batters", they bat or hit them across the floor. I have not seen anyone pick it up or carry it, which eliminates most of the kitties, so often they are Not played with.
    So, on a "played with" rating I would say these are only "good" not "great".
    I attached a photo for size and so you can see that after months since purchasing they are still all together.

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    5Fun little mice, sweet little price
    By Kalatraza
    These little mice have been the surprise hit of the year for our youngest (14 months at the time of this writing). We still refer to youngest as "kitten" although he is technically an adult. You wouldn't know that by the way he races around with the little mousers. (Mousers is a word when we talk about cat toys.)

    There's is not much to these little guys. For the price I figured we'd get a few days of play out of each one. Surprisingly they're both still in play-safe condition after being subjected things over the last few weeks.

    Here are a few of kitten's favorite mouse games. One of his favorite things about these mice is the noise they make when they get batted across the wood and the tile on our main floor. I'm not sure they would be as much fun on carpet. YMMV.
    *Batting mouse across the floor
    *Fetching mouse (sort of - still working on bringing mouse back immediately, not up to bed when we are sleeping...)
    *Carrying mouse around, dropping him, and pouncing because we are surprised he is there all of a sudden
    *Playing hide and seek with mouse in daddy's shoes
    *Storing mouse under the oven. That's where he sleeps but he's never there in the morning. So confusing.
    *Grabbing mouse out of the air after daddy throws it in the air

    There are many variations on the mouse games, many of which have rules that we don't understand. Our other two cats, age 4(ish) and 8(ish), could care less about these little critters. Kitten typically likes smaller toys which he can bat and swat, things he can carry in his mouth, anything on a stick that makes noise but isn't scary -- he likes to chase but not be chased. If your cat sounds like kitten, your cat might like these mice too.

    As always, this is a toy that should be used under supervision. While we haven't seen any unraveling? yet, it's only a matter of time.

    Great little toys, sweet little price: I wish they came in a 12 pack!

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    5Love them! Our baby goes nuts
    By Madylan
    Love them! Our baby goes nuts, she even likes to play fetch with them (what a weirdo!). We also bought one of these on a stick, and really like that as well. Over all they hold up pretty good; the felt does end up getting beat up eventually on the ears, and I think one of the little felt noses fell off, but the felt held up for longer/better than I expected. The tail will also eventually start to break off. The mice have held up pretty good, but my kitty has shredded the tail of the one on the stick. To be fair though, we do wedge the stick in a drawer so she can play with it with it without us (this is one of her favorites) and she plays with it A LOT (night and day), and its far easier to shred the tail when the mouse is hanging than when she's chasing it around the floor. Bear in mind though that my cat is still only 4 months old and she plays HARD in general and she doesn't have any other cats in the house so the toys get a lot of wear and tear. Over all, this is a REALLY great product for an awesome price and I would definitely recommend it to anyone!

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