Seachem Fresh Trace 500ml
Seachem Fresh Trace 500ml
Manufacturer : Seachem
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Product Description
Fresh Trace™ supplies a broad range of trace elements demonstrated to be necessary for proper fish health and growth. Unlike terrestrial animals, fish obtain nutrients from both their food and environment. Trace elements are normally depleted by utilization, oxidation and precipitation, thus it is important to restore them on a regular basis. Fresh Trace™ contains only those elements actually demonstrated to be required by fish.
Product Details
  • Amazon Sales Rank: #46679 in Pet Products
  • Brand: Seachem
  • Model: 116071307
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  • Dimensions: 1.50" h x 1.60" w x 7.60" l, 1.00 pounds
  • Product Features
  • Freshwater specific
  • Restores necessary trace elements
  • Safe and easy to use
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    5Seachem Frest Trace
    By Drakkenfyre
    I can't really say I notice a difference in my fish. I feed New Life Spectrum, so their color is already really good, so if their colors increase due to additions into the water, I didn't notice.

    I don't use RO water with this, I use regular treated tap water, so the need is less than if I were using RO water. But it does seem to be a good product to use. Might be a good way to help insure the health of your fish. Especially if you're already dosing fertilizers or other products anyway. One more capful isn't hard. I wouldn't recommend dumping chemicals into your tank at random, however this is a collection of trace elements, and not a chemical product like pH Up or pH Down. Most of Seachem's products are top-notch, and I would trust this to help the overall health of the tank.

    I am a little worried about dosing this in a tank with inverts, however. Lots of people claim that any copper is harmful to inverts, but copper is a necessary element to most living things, inverts included. Seachem assures that the amount in their products (Flourish, Flourish Tabs, and this one) is too low to have any impact on inverts. But when using all three products, and using fish food which contains copper (almost all of them) I worry that the total amount would reach harmful levels.

    Maybe the total amount isn't anywhere near harmful. But I wouldn't dose this in a tank with inverts if you use the other three products. The amount in the food might supply them with the trace amounts that they need, but past one additional product I start to worry.

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    5I love Seachem products
    By David McAllister
    Thought I would try this. I love Seachem products. I must say that I feed my fish high quality food. The fish and dogs eat better than I do. And am fastidious about water quality, but this was just what was needed. Not a miraculous transformation, but I have noticed more pep in my fishy kids.

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    5Five Stars
    By Paul Sampugnaro
    Anything Seachem makes is excellent. I recommend using Fresh Trace during your water changes.

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