ABI LED Aquarium Light Bulb, 12W (Royal Blue 450nm + Cold White 10000K + Actinic Blue 425nm + Blue 470nm)
ABI LED Aquarium Light Bulb, 12W (Royal Blue 450nm + Cold White 10000K + Actinic Blue 425nm + Blue 470nm)
Manufacturer : ABI
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Product Description
Optimal spectrum, high efficiency, quality components, and sturdy construction make the ABI blue and white aquarium light bulb the smart choice for both freshwater and marine aquariums. This light was developed to deliver superior lighting for growing aquatic plants and marine invertebrates such as corals and for illuminating fish and decor. The new 15-chip design uses 15x3W chips running at reduced current to improve the efficiency and longevity. Total power consumption is only 12W. By combining three different wavelengths of blue light with cold white light, the ABI blue and white LED bulb promotes plant growth, encourages coral florescence and blooming, accentuates the fluorescence of fluorescent fish, and provides a beautiful viewing environment.
Product Details
  • Amazon Sales Rank: #53804 in Pet Products
  • Brand: ABI
  • Dimensions: 5.10" h x 5.10" w x 5.60" l, .25 pounds
  • Product Features
  • Promotes growth and blooming of fresh water plants, marine plants, and marine invertebrates including corals. Provides bright illumination for viewing fish, plants, corals, and decor.
  • Designed for optimal spectrum and high efficiency using quality components and sturdy construction.
  • 50,000+ hour service life, 3-year manufacturer's warranty, assembled in the USA.
  • 15 bright high efficiency LED chips use only 12W of energy and emit minimal heat. Fits a standard household E26 socket. 100-240V AC input.
  • LEDs: 6x 450-460nm, 5x 10000-15000K, 2x 460-470nm, 2x 425-430nm
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    5Will buy again.
    By travis
    I was initially concerned about this light b/c the reviews were mediocre, but I am glad I bought it. The color is great and it is very bright. I actually just ordered a second one to replace a fluorescent bulb I was using. Using these 2 bulbs on my 10 gal Half moon reef tank. Light intensity is great..... Not too blue and not too white. Perfect balance. Definitely not as blue as some of the other pictures have shown. The picture I included is with only 1, but the fluorescent light doesn't add much to it. Quality is good as well. Very nice aluminum heat sink. Light doesn't get too hot but I would say very warm?? (I can touch it without burning).... I also made a DIY light fixture using the smaller aluminum clip on lights from Home Depot. [...] ...... Fits perfectly and looks really nice painted black.

    EDIT: It has now been several months and I am still very happy with these lights. The spread of light is nice and there is just enough blue to make your corals color show nicely. I'm even growing LPS (frogspawn, hammer), Leathers coral, tons of zoa's and some SPS (digitata and sour apple birds nest) in the tank with pretty good growth. I would definitely buy these again for a Nano reef tank...... I think 1 per 5 gallon of tank is enough. Im using 2 on my 10 gal half moon the tis nearly 20 inch tall and they work great.

    The newest picture is with all my coral growing in nicely.... LPS are multiplying, Zoas are growing and SPS have quadrupled in size in just about 2 months.

    5 of 5 people found the following review helpful.
    4Nice light
    By JKINK
    I like this light because it has more blue tint than other lights I have had in the past. It seems to bring out the colors really nice. One thing I didn't realize is this thing ships directly from China, so when you look expecting shipping dates, it gives you a ship date of a month or two. It did come before that, but there was no way to track. I believe it took about 2 weeks. That being said, seems to be a great light. The only coral I have is an Anemone right now, but I plan on putting in some mushrooms, xenia and other soft corals. I have it over a 4 gallon pico reef so I believe it will be plenty of power to grow soft coral.

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    4My green bubble tip anemone likes it.
    By humphrey
    I like this light! It's a beautiful combination of blue and white and its just the right amount of light I need. I do use it for my bubble tip anemone. I put it very close to the water though. Anyway, she likes it.

    Update 10/30/2016: I have been using it for a little less than half a year (didn't use it for the summer). I have used it for my GBTA about 2 months. It's been doing well. Now I realize it is getting close to the end of its product life. It's getting really dim and to a much more blue tint instead of the brightness it used to provide. Now its light is obviously not enough for bubble tip and probably not even enough for any corals (some algae still can grow though). So I suggest to replace old ones after about 4-6 months of use.

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