Fluval Edge 12-Gallon Aquarium with 42-LED Light, Black
Fluval Edge 12-Gallon Aquarium with 42-LED Light, Black
Manufacturer : Fluval
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Product Description
Edgy is precisely the word to describe Fluval EDGE. It's so out there on so many fronts; it's cool, trendy, breathtaking, contemporary and stylish. Its striking 3D cube design is refreshingly new and revolutionary. EDGE is an eye-catching showpiece that stands out anywhere you put it. It includes LED lighting, so it makes a spectacular substitute for tabletop lamps. EDGE consists of two main components working in perfect harmony: a clear glass aquarium nestled inside an elegant pedestal. The pedestal appears to be clasping the tank, making the aquarium appear like it is suspended in mid-air. The column houses the filter and the electrical wiring is neatly concealed inside the column. EDGE has a clear glass top that allows a clear and virtually unobstructed aerial view of the interior. The cover is completely sealed, which allows you to fill the aquarium right up to the brim, creating a spectacular effect. Water evaporation is minimal. The unobtrusive pedestal structure and the clear top allow a great all-around view. Instead of a traditional canopy, there is a small cover at the top that houses the lighting. EDGE comes in two sizes 6 and 12 gallons. Both models are ideal for countertops, desks and tabletops. The 12 gallon model includes 42 LED bulbs—39 white and 3 blue bulbs. You can turn on all the lights for full illumination or turn on only the blue bulbs to create a night-time moonlight effect. The LEDs create clear and natural-looking lighting that makes fish and plant colors look strikingly vibrant. EDGE comes with a Fluval Power Filter, which is hidden from view inside the pedestal column. The power filter keeps the aquarium water clean.  A quiet pump inside the filter circulates the water. As the water flows through the filter, it flows through mechanical, chemical and biological filtering media, which skims and washes the water clean so that fish and plants can enjoy a clear and healthy environment. All required media is included.
Product Details
  • Amazon Sales Rank: #18105 in Pet Products
  • Size: 14.3 inches deep, 17 inches wide, 22.2 inches high
  • Color: Black
  • Brand: Fluval
  • Model: 15391A1
  • Number of items: 1
  • Dimensions: 14.30" h x 17.00" w x 22.20" l, 34.50 pounds
  • Product Features
  • 6 sided, 12 gallon sealed glass aquarium
  • Powerful, easy to use Edge filter with Cycleguard. Item is Non-Returnable.
  • Includes Nutrafin Cycle and Nutrafin Aquaplus water treatments
  • LED Lighting, Filtration & Wiring is easily hidden away in the décorative column
  • Powerful bright white 7600K high liuminosity LED's with 3 deep blue night-time light LED's and 3 position switch
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    5Great tank & maintenance advise for beginners.
    By D. Mullins
    First, this tank is amazing. It's beautiful and and easy to clean and maintain if you use a simple regiment. Though it looks like a lot of work, once it's set up all you're really doing is feeding the fish 3 times a week and cleaning the tank for 10 minutes once a week.

    I bought this tank for my son over a year ago. We've had a couple different tanks (Eclipse all-in-one, standard glass aquarium) with mixed results. This tank however, is absolutely amazing. We love the look and it keeps our fish healthy with the correct regiment.

    SET UP
    1. First you have to establish the nitrogen in your tank. I've found this is the hardest part. Basically, your ammonia spikes up, then your nitrite, then your nitrate and once all those chemicals are working together they drop to almost zero. It's best to do this without fish, so if you already own fish, keep them in your current tank, while you set up your new tank. If you absolutely have to establish your nitrogen with your fish, expect some will probably die unless they are extremely hearty. For more information on the nitrogen cycle, just search for "nitrogen cycle aquarium" online and you'll find lots of information, there are lots of images and websites on it. I've included and image that I found useful.

    2. We use this test kit to makes sure the freshwater pH, ammonia, nitrite, and nitrate are healthy. Here -
    - The levels you want are:
    - PH around 7. Our fish like 7.4-7.6
    - Ammonia, Nitrate, Nitrite extremely low. Your goal is 0, below 5 is acceptable on all of these.

    2. Keep the tank heated. About 76 degrees. We use this one -

    3. Use an air bubbler. Anything will do, there are fun ones for the kids like treasure chests, etc. We use this -

    4. Inhabit your tank with live plants! This is huge to help purify the water and aid in the nitrogen cycle.

    5. Use 1/2" to 1" of gravel in the bottom of the tank. This helps seat your plants. We use this -

    6- For looks, we use 2 pieces of aquarium wood (water is reddish for first few weeks while tannins weeps out, this is completely safe for fish) and a volcanic rock (pumice). The fish love to swim around and hide in there too.

    Okay, now your new tank is set up. You can add your fish and start feeding them.

    1. No more than 1 inch of fish per gallon. We have a 12 gallon Edge, with 6 2" fish (2 are bottom feeders). You add more and the tank can't handle it.

    2. Feed them very little. The more food in the tank, the more likely the ammonia will kill them. We feed them MON,WED,FRI only. About 10-12 of very tiny fish pellets. It's barely a pinch. We use New Life Spectrum Small Fish Formula. Here -

    3- We stopped using the bottom feeder pellets. They created too much waste and ammonia in the tank. Our catfish gobble up the leftovers from the regular food, which is plenty.

    Sunday is the only day that we that takes time to care for the tank. It usually only takes 10-15 minutes mex. Here's what we do EVERY SUNDAY.

    1- Clean the tank first. Any gunk this might produce will be removed in the next step. We remove the slime from the walls with the wall cleaner that comes with the tank and one of these -

    2- Remove 25% of your tank water using a siphon. This is EXTREMELY IMPORTANT. You have to clean all the junk out of your gravel or the water becomes very toxic very quickly. You just push the siphon into the rocks and you'll be amazed what get sucked out. We use this -

    3- Use the same bucket every week for removing the water and treating the new water that is only for fish. If you use the bucket you use to wash your car, those detergents will kill your fish. So we have a "fish only" bucket.

    4- Once the water has been removed from the tank, clean your filter sponge and biomax in the bucket of old water. This keeps the good bacteria in the filter. Don't clean it in the sink with untreated water, that's bad. We use one sponge and two biomax bags, carbon is pretty useless as it only lasts for a week or two. Here -

    5- Dump the water out and refill your bucket with room temperature water. We add only 3 chemicals. We've tried EVERYTHING and this is the magic combo we've found.
    --- 5 ml of each of these (about 1/2 capful) ---
    A) NovAqua Plus, this coats the fish with a healthy slime. Here -
    B) SafeStart Plus, this puts healthy bacteria in the tank. Here -
    C) Sachem Prime, this removes all the harsh chemicals from your tap water. Here -

    6- Put the water back in and and test the Ph. If t's either high or low, you can buy chemicals that alter it, but we've found t's a very slippery slope. We tend to just let the tank take care of itself and only nudge the PH when absolutely necessary. We use Seachem for PH buffers is absolutely necessary.

    7- Now watch your beautiful happy fish chillin' on a Sunday afternoon.

    This ritual has been great bonding for my son and I and though it looks like a lot of work, once you have everything setup and going, all you're really doing is feeding the fish 3 times a week and cleaning the tank for 10 minutes on Sunday.

    I hope this was helpful! I'm sure a lot of people will say that my approach is wrong, but this is what works for us, and has been working for the last year.

    Here's a pic our our tank, the only fish visible is "Thorin Oakenshield" our Dwarf Blue Gourami and a nitrogen cycle chart.


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    3Looks great, but hard to recommend.
    By DurocShark
    Beautiful tank design. However...

    Filter: Noisy and depends on the water being all the way up at the top of the small opening to avoid splashing.
    Lights: Adequate for low to medium light plants.
    Stocking: Note that many fish require atmospheric oxygen to survive. If this tank is filled all the way as designed, those fish may suffer or die. This includes: Bettas, ADFs (African Dwarf Frogs), gouramis, corydoras catfish, etc.

    This tank is a great idea, but the poor quality filter and limited stocking (unless you're willing to listen to splashing and lose the top down view) make it difficult to recommend.

    I dropped the water level a smidge for my corys, but since it's in my bedroom this isn't viable long term due to the splashing from the filter that is now an inch or two above the water level.

    Initial stocking photo is attached.

    I may replace the filter with one that can run silently with a lower water level, such as a small canister. I haven't decided yet.

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    4the only cat-proof fish tank I've ever found, stylish, and runs well!
    By AmyKay87
    This is hands down the best looking' fish tank out there. SO classy and it runs really really well. The tiny opening makes cleaning harder, yes, but not impossible. If you think its too much work, buy yourself a gravel vacuume and BAM! Problem completely solved, those will do your water exchanges for you and make vacuuming up particles super simple. The tiny opening is NOT a good reason to not buy this fish tank.

    Plus, I'm going to go ahead and say it... This tank is cat proof. I have three fur balls, one so cunning she knows how to turn doorknobs with both socks to let herself into a room, and she knows that top opening is there, but she can't get the lid off. She was the real test, and the Fluval passed with flying colors.

    The ability to hide all of the ugly wires and pumps in the back is great, the filter it comes with does a good job, and it came packed so well it took my husband an I almost 20 minutes just to get it all out of the box, after that set-up took maybe 5 minutes. This tank looks great.

    I only awarded 4/5 stars because of the air-bubble problem I seem to be having. I liked the idea of a clear top to look into, but my tank's top glass is always swimming with little air bubbles, If someone has any advice on how to fix this problem, please comment below, and I'll change my review to 5/5 stars! Ive tried moving the flitter around as well as filling it multiple different ways, any help is appreciated!

    If you have cats, or even if you don't and you just want a stylish tank thats a whole lot of fun, I highly recommend this product, great!

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