Probiotic Miracle Dog Probiotics for Dogs (360 servings)
Probiotic Miracle Dog Probiotics for Dogs (360 servings)
Manufacturer : Nusentia Probiotic Miracle
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Product Description
HEALTHY PETS: The #1 Selling Probiotic for Dogs and Cats! *Up 360 doses (for animals under 50lbs -180 servings for dogs over 50lbs). Probiotic Miracle is a stable, tasteless probiotic powder for dogs and cats. Each scoop provides 1 billion CFUs of healthy probiotics for your pet. PROBIOTIC MIRACLE IS THE MOST COMPLETE AND EFFECTIVE YOU CAN BUY - GUARANTEED! PROBIOTICS for dogs and will help! YOU WILL notice BY ALL the health improvements your dog or cat experiences! Probiotic Miracle was formulated specifically for the needs of your pet and contains the following stable strains of bacteria: L. acidophilus- L.acidophilus has the ability to actually cling to the intestinal wall without harming it. In fact, it is best known for its ability to move un-disrupted through the stomach and into the intestines where it eats away at disease causing bacteria. It is known for reducing the occurrence of constipation and diarrhea, increasing nutrient uptake (especially calcium), preventing food poisoning and alleviating dermatitis and other skin and coat conditions. B. animalis- one of the most researched probiotic strains for domestic animals. B. animalis is found in the large intestine and aids in protecting and removing toxins from the colon. L. rhamnosus- is one of the more highly studied pro-biotic strains, primarily used in the treatment of gastrointestinal disorders. It also aids the body in resisting yeast and urinary tract infections. L. salivarius - has been shown through research to produce a high amount of lactic acid, which is able to inhibit the growth of harmful H. pylori bacteria. L. fermentum - Highly researched to help prevent and aid in urogenital infections. Effective in inhibiting the growth of harmful bacteria in the body. L. reuteri - Known as the "universal gut" organism, inhibits the growth of harmful bacteria as well as supports production of natural anibiotic-like substances. Widely researched and effective for dogs and cats.
Product Details
  • Amazon Sales Rank: #2116 in Pet Products
  • Size: 131 grams (360 servings)
  • Brand: Nusentia Probiotic Miracle
  • Ingredients: Bifidobacterium animalis lactis*, Lactobacillus acidophilus, Lactobacillus rhamnosus, Lactobacillus salivarius, Lactobacillus plantarum, Lactobacillus reuteri, Inulin (prebiotic).
  • Dimensions: 3.00" h x 2.50" w x 2.50" l, .25 pounds
  • Product Features
  • Up to 360 doses per container. Over 360 BILLION CFU of probiotics per jar. Great value and Superior Quality Probiotic Blend.
  • Made in the USA, with years of consistent results combatting dog diarrhea, loose stool, yeast overgrowth, bad breath, constipation, itching & scratching, allergies, digestive issues, and gut related problems in pets.
  • 100% Money Back Guarantee within 60 days of purchase. Best if used within 8-10 months after purchase.
  • Formulated specifically for the dietary and health needs of your dog or cat. Scientifically researched for pets and recommended by Top Breeders and Veterinarians as a #1 trusted brand in America.
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    5Wow, this IS a Miracle!
    By Irvette Krusko Timms
    My dog has been suffering with severe allergy problems for about 7 years. I experimented with many foods and settled on Taste of the Wild about 2 yrs ago. This helped some but still did not keep her comfortable. She smelled bad, had constant skin issues (infections, flaky skin, excessive oiliness), ripped her hair out by the bushel, had chronic ear infections with weepy goopy eyes, and acted obsessive compulsively about licking herself. Repeated trips to the vet produced sympathetic responses, but nothing that really helped. I had to treat her ears pretty much every day with Otomax or Panalog or she had them ripped open and bleeding. She couldn't be outside for very long because she would get excessively itchy. Giving her antihistamines and bathing her with cortizone were somewhat useful but I didn't feel it addressed the problem, just covered the symptoms enough to make things bearable for her. A friend of mine whose dog seemed to have similarly severe issues told me that she tried putting her dog on probiotics and saw an improvement. Willing to give it a try I purchased this product and the Enzyme Miracle in mid-December. When it arrived, I was skeptical that it would help; after all, if this was the answer, why didn't the vet recommend doing this a long time ago? Well, I will tell you that my dog has been on this for a month, and she is growing all of her hair back, she no longer smells awful, she has not had a single ear infection, and she is generally much calmer and happier. She is still getting some eye goopiness but that may be things working their way out or due to the dryness in the house since it's winter. We'll see if it keeps up. I was told by my friend that the person who told her about using probiotics said that you need to give them for as many months as the dog is old in years to see the true results. I have 10 months to go in that case, but I am thrilled so far. I would highly recommend this combination for anyone with a dog who has allergic problems or just skin issues in general. I am going to try them for my cat next because she loves to barf her food on my carpets, and I am wondering if this will help with that.

    Update to this review: 3/1/2013
    I have kept my dog on these products and have recommended them to a couple of friends who tried them for their dogs and saw major improvements. Over the course of the last year, my dog has had one minor ear infection. She still gets goopy eyes sometimes and the skin on her paws is still not 100% but she is much improved overall. I believe years of not being able to help her have taken their toll so if you have a younger dog with allergy issues, I would imagine you might see more complete recovery. I plan to continue using (once/day)these supplements for her for the rest of her life (she is 13 this year) and will definitely use it for any future dogs who show signs of allergies or digestive problems.

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    5Got rid of my dog's odor!!
    By SCOTT R.
    We rescued a 3 year old American Bulldog mix last May and struggled with her skin issues from the start. She was constantly scratching herself (to the point that she drew blood) and licking & chewing on her feet and she had a terrible odor, even though we bathed her constantly. We went to the vet allergist and did the whole elimination diet trial to no avail. I put her on herbal supplements for seasonal allergies and she still scratched away and stunk. We did not want to go the route of pharmaceuticals due to their side effects (she didn't even do well with Benadryl, Claritan or Allegra). They either made her too dopey or kind of freaked out. After researching yeast issues and reading the reviews for this product we figured we would give it a shot. She eats a grain free limited ingredient food and we have been adding Probiotic Miracle to her food for 2 months and the difference is amazing. She sleeps in my room and the smell used to knock you smells fine now. Her blankets do not have to be washed daily and her scratching and paw chewing have all but disappeared. She is so much more comfortable and happy now. I am waiting to see what happens once the pollen kicks back up but I do believe that this product has drastically improved her coat and skin condition and she smells so much better! Thank you!

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    5A True Miracle Product.
    By Robert Z. Olsinski
    Over 2 years and finally found a product that works. We had our 5 pound Yorkie-Poo to 5 different vets and she actually got worse, and after spending over $2500 for vets and medication, they told us we don't know what else we can do for her. The one thing that vets know how to do is collect their office fees and sell you useless medication. And now we have a bald dog and bleeding from scratching.
    It all started with my dog constantly scratching, Do the vets listen to what you are saying probably not, they been educated to up-sell, looking for the obvious like flees, but none found but they still wants to sell you Comfortis. Next comes all sort of tests, from mange, skin infections and allergy's, etc. We had the allergy test done that is not very cheap $800 and got the result that she is allergic to 27 different items, the only reason they stopped at 27, is because that is the maximum amount per one test, if I had done another test they probably would find another 27.
    We live live Florida and everything here is green, she was allergic to all the grass that grow here. And the list went on to point out that she was allergic to pork, by now we where convinced she was a Jewish dog, They over well you with the reports, when I look at it now, I believe I had the sucker word imprinted in my forehead. Anyway we bought into the medical garbage and proceeded to give our dog shots, it starts with every other day until eventually it is once per month, the poor dog had to endure this torment and my brave wife had to learn how to give the dog the shot. I was too chicken for these procedure.
    In the mean time the dog has not stopped scratching, so now they tell me it takes up to 90 days before we see any results, in the mean time they prescribe, antibiotics, prednisone, shampoos, food diets and the list just goes on. The prednisone caused my dog to vomit blood and have blood in her stool. Contacted the vet and of course they need to see her, after the visit, the vet said the dosage was to large for her, crap what am I paying you for? The dog is weight on every visit.
    Now I started to investigate the drugs that the vets where prescribing my dog, Prednisone a Steroid medication can weaken your immune system, making it easier for you to get an infection. If the dog is being treated for allergy a immune system problem and now we want to weaken some more? Antibiotics indiscriminately kill bacteria, both good and bad, again immune system is being compromised.

    After being one year on the allergy shots and doing the same thing over and over I had enough. Decided no more vets and find a solution for her, I got to confess that I'm anti-medicine and I will not even take a aspirin. And I believe aspirin is one of medicine great discoveries, just using commonsense we know that every thing we swallow ends up in the stomach and the body's immunity is built in the intestinal tract by the friendly bacteria balance that resides there.

    Searching the web I discovered Probiotic Miracle, I had nothing to loose and I ordered the 360 size, this would have lasted my dog over year, but I have another little Yorkie only 3 1/2 pounds and I feed them both this product, one small scoop that comes with the product. It is a white powder, without any odor and the dogs don't complain at all. We just purchased our second container of Probiotic Miracle. I waited over 6 months before writing this review, we have experienced in the past false hopes.

    This is a true Miracle Probiatic, all the hair is back, reduced the scratching by 90%, her ears are up just like we got her as a puppy. Our groomer is amazed what this product has done for our dog, we walk twice every day morning and evening about 1 1/2 miles and the neighbors can believe how good she looks. I'm so impressed with this product that I'm thinking about spreading some on my food.

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