Solvit UltraLite Bi-fold Pet Ramp, 62-Inch
Solvit UltraLite Bi-fold Pet Ramp, 62-Inch
Manufacturer : Solvit
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Product Description
This product has a great performance, quality and price. Weighing in at a feather-light 10 lbs, the bi-fold pet ramp supports over 200 lbs. . Its rugged, all-plastic construction and simple, folding design make it cinch to use. . Includes a safety release latch to prevent accidental opening, and four rubber feet for sure footing. . Walking surface is high-traction material. . Great choice for helping pets reach heights up to about 24 inches. . Carries a one year warranty against defects in materials and workmanship. Made in the use. . Manufacturer: SOLVIT PRODUCTS
Product Details
  • Amazon Sales Rank: #3431 in Pet Products
  • Size: -1
  • Color: Black
  • Brand: Solvit
  • Model: 62332
  • Number of items: 1
  • Dimensions: 8.00" h x 16.00" w x 32.00" l, .0 pounds
  • Product Features
  • The UltraLite Bi-fold Ramp is Solvit's most economical model and the lightest full-size ramp on the market! Due to its rugged, all-plastic construction, it weighs only 10 lbs, yet it supports over 150 lbs!
  • Its high- traction walking surface and four rubber feet provide a sure footing to give pets confidence as they go up and down.
  • The built-in safety release latch secures the ramp while being carried or stowed. Maintenance-free and easy to clean.
  • Product Size: 62 inches long x 16 inches wide x 4 inches high; tread material is 12.5 inches wide.
  • Customer Reviews

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    4Works for a 110# Chocolate Lab!
    By ReadingMachine
    Very lightweight (I can lift it with one hand), folds easily, and does not take up a lot of room in my vehicle. I ABSOLUTELY RECOMMEND replacing the sandpaper like "traction" covering with carpet for more traction. The sandpaper was like my dog trying to climb a steep Emory board and it gave no grip at all. I went to Home Depot, had them cut me a 6' x 1' piece of indoor-outdoor Berber type carpet, which I then cut into two 3-foot lengths to allow for the fold. Pulled off the sandpaper (which came off cleanly) and securely taped down the carpet using double-side carpet tape. I did let it set for 24 hours before having my dog use it. This is what we trained on. If it came with a carpeted surface I would give it 5 Stars.

    This works well & my dog got used to it very quickly. I took advice of others & started the training indoors, on a flat surface, just bribing him with treats. Then graduated to a curb height, then used in on my vehicle (Ford Explorer) and had him come DOWN first (treats included). When I take him up, we take a bit of a running start, and I hold his collar just to direct him straight up the ramp. He is a very large 10-year-old chocolate lab and getting in & out of the car was becoming a chore & painful for him, especially jumping down. Now, he doesn't even want to try to get in or out without the ramp, so a complete success! And he is still expecting treats, but what the heck, he's a Lab! >:-) See the photos that show how I upgraded the covering. And the happy face of the dog who uses it every day!

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    1Will not withstand 150 pound Saint Bernard...and walkway is sandpaper that tore off after first use....
    By J.M.
    Let me preface my review with the following:

    1. I have 2 Saint Bernards, each weighs around 150 pounds
    2. 1 of my Saints has no issue with ramps, the other hates ramps
    3. Both my Saints hate stratchy stuff on their paws

    Ok, now that you know more about my finicky herd.....let me share my thoughts on this ramp. I have been looking for a ramp for a while and after reading the reviews I decided to take the plunge on this one. However, its too bad I here goes the pros and cons:

    PROS: There are very few unfortunately. This ramp is foldable. This ramp is lightweight. It was easy to unpack. This ramp was delivered to my door.

    CONS: There are plenty.

    1. There is NO WAY this ramp can handle a 150 pound dog. My female Saint who loves ramps, ran up it as soon as I attached it to the back of the truck, however, it nearly buckled on her the first time. If she did that a couple more times, it clearly would have broken in half at the hinges. You could even hear it cracking.

    2. The ramp has some sort of sandpaper material attached to it so the animals can get up and down without slipping. While I understand the concept and appreciate it was not just smooth, this sandpaper is not only something my dogs did not like to feel on their paws, but the first time my female Saint ran up it, she tore the heck out of the sandpaper. It looked like it has been used 50 times with tears up and down the sandpaper.....and I had just clipped her nails, so its not like her nails were 3 inch daggers.....I was just shocked to see the sandpaper stuff was so cheap....never mind my male Saint would not go up the ramp after his paw touched it...he did not like the feel of sandpaper at all...

    3. The thing I also did not like about this ramp is the top part not attaching well to the back of my truck. I tried attaching it to my bumper...not....then the small step in my bumper...not....then at a higher angle on the bed of my truck....not really....there is nothing on the back of this ramp that would enable it to snug up close to the bed, bumper or step....its smooth plastic that wants to move all around....and it is strangly not cupped enough to get a good grip on it either. It should have some sort of rubber on the end of it to keep it from sliding around. My female Saint was coming down the ramp and it was moving to the side a she did....nearly coming off the backend of the truck....does not stay in place...not safe....

    4. This ramp, while it is wider than some, is not that wide and others in the same price range are wider. If you have a larger dog like my 2, having a wider ramp is just more stable as well as a larger area for the dog to walk up and down.

    I ended up sending this ramp back to Amazon....and I purchased another ramp....that is 100% better in all is the ramp ended up purchasing and if you read my feedback on this other ramp, you will see it beats this one in all aspects.....PetSTEP Folding Pet Ramp, Khaki . This other ramp is safe, wider and has a rubberized walking dogs love it!!!

    If you have a smaller pet, this ramp may work for you....however, I would still caution the sandpaper on the walkway and the fact the ramp does not stay in place well. I would simply look elsewhere for a better built the one I ended up purchasing (I think that one will work for any pet!)

    24 of 25 people found the following review helpful.
    4Works but I had to modify it.
    By Looloo
    This works - with some modification.(See attached photo.) My dog can walk down this ramp instead of careening down the 3 steps to the backyard. She's 14 and her legs are not as strong as they used to be plus she has arthritis. It was hard to watch her work so hard to not fall on her face going down the steps. I peeled off the black emory sheet and replaced it with carpet remnant from Home Depot. Make sure the carpet has texture or ridges of some sort since smooth carpet can be too slippery. Another reviewer suggested using carpet tape to adhere it to the ramp. It worked great but make sure you get the DOUBLE SIDED carpet tape. The carpet is easier for her to grip her paws into versus the rough sandpaper surface it came with. I also think the brighter carpet color is easier for her to see than the black which makes her less nervous using this ramp. She's approx. 35 lbs. I elected to only place this ramp over 2 steps because using it on 3 steps looked too steep.

    The wrinkle: I had no idea she would try to take shortcuts and climb over the middle part of the ramp. Before I could stop her, she went over the side, caught her back paws on the edge and fell hard on the concrete below. She also tries to cut the corner at the base of the ramp and trips. So, I placed a heavy potted plant at the base on one corner so she can't trip over that part of the ramps edge. And, I had to place patio chairs along one side of the ramp and on the opposite side of the ramp...I positioned the box the ramp came in, plastic and terra-cotta planters so essentially she's funneled onto the ramp and is blocked from jumping off the sides. I put a carpet floor mat at the top of the stairs so she has traction and I placed a rubber mat at the bottom of the ramp in case she falls and it keeps the ramp from scooting on the concrete. It really doesn't look all that nice - but it works and this ramp has helped me worry about her much less.

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