Grannicks Bitter Apple Dog Chew Deterrent, 32-Ounce
Grannicks Bitter Apple Dog Chew Deterrent, 32-Ounce
Manufacturer : Grannicks Bitter Apple
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Product Description
This is a non-toxic, safe and effective chew deterrent. Has a bitter taste to discourage dogs and puppies from licking, gnawing and chewing on surfaces where applied. Stops pets from biting and chewing fur, wounds and bandages. Comes in 32-ounces bottle. Measures 9-1/3-inch length by 3-inch width by 3-inch height.
Product Details
  • Amazon Sales Rank: #1984 in Pet Products
  • Size: 32 oz
  • Brand: Grannicks Bitter Apple
  • Model: VA1132
  • Ingredients: Water, isopropanol 20%, bitter principles and extractives.
  • Number of items: 1
  • Dimensions: 3.00" h x 3.00" w x 9.30" l, 2.13 pounds
  • Product Features
  • Bitter taste to discourage dogs and puppies from licking, gnawing and chewing on surfaces where applied
  • Stops pets from biting and chewing fur, wounds and bandages
  • Non-toxic, safe and effective chew deterrent
  • Comes in 32-ounces bottle
  • Measures 9-1/3-inch length by 3-inch width by 3-inch height
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    5Works Extremely Well For Cats - They Won't Bother ANYTHING That Has This Sprayed On It!
    By Dan
    Although this product is supposedly for dogs, we've found it to be particularly effective with our cats. Our cats were adopted so with that you get whatever bad habits prior careless owners let them develop. In our situation, two very good size Maine Coons can cause a lot of destruction with their love for chewing cables. We went through two computer mice, and a bunch of phone charging cables until we tried this. I let them have a good sniff of the bottle and when they wrinkled their noses up I thought that we were on to something. With them watching I then poured some into a small spray bottle and then lightly dusted the cables. Within a couple of minutes curiosity got the better of them and they approached the cables, giving them a good sniff from about a foot away, and then they turned tail and haven't touched them since. I then gave our artificial flowers a light dusting as they've also been subject to unwanted cat attention and sure enough, they now leave them alone as well. I find that reapplication is necessary in about 3-4 weeks, but given that it is just a quick spray on whatever you want them to leave alone, that's pretty quick and easy. Good stuff and I highly recommend it!

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    5Great training tool
    By Matt F
    This is an excellent way to train your dog with what they are allowed to chew on. I bought a puppy and have very expensive furniture so I was looking for ways to teach him not to chew on any of it. I came across this at a local pet store, bought a small bottle, and liked it soo much I ordered the 32 ounce bottle.

    I definitely recommend this to anyone trying to train their puppy. It also doesn't leave any type of residue on what ever you spray it on.

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    5Must have for teething puppy phase!
    By FinalSay
    I bought this item about three years ago when my dog was teething and it definitely worked for me. He did not like the taste at all and stopped chewing and nibbling on anything and anywhere that I had sprayed the bitter apple. I never knew this product existed until a friend told me about how effective it was on her dog so I gave it a chance and I'm glad that I did. I used to come home and parts of my coffee table and foyer bench would show gnaw marks until I sprayed Grannicks bitter apple all over the legs. My dog also loved to nibble on the plants that I had on my coffee table and shelves so I sprayed them too...and he stopped. He loved to lick my dishwasher whenever I opened it and I sprayed there...and he stopped. He used to chew on my shoes and sandals and I sprayed there..and he stopped. Also, I used to have red scratch / teeth marks over my arms and legs until I sprayed bitter apple all over myself...and he stopped gnawing me. I sprayed this thing on everything from remote controls to power cords to christmas lights! Basically, this stuff worked and it worked so well that whenever my dog sees me bringing it out and saying 'spray', he would stop trying to chew or lick the dishwasher. I would actually just have to say 'spray!' and he would stop and leave me alone. He hated the word 'spray!' and it was so effective for me that I still have half remaining out of the 32oz! Even today, when he starts to sniff plants that may be poisonous and I say 'spray!', he starts to back away. Therefore, I would definitely recommend this product because it was a necessary item for me to have around especially during those early puppy years. I'd give it a solid 5.0/5.0! -09/06/2014

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