Second Nature Dog Litter, 25-Pound
Second Nature Dog Litter, 25-Pound
Manufacturer : Second Nature
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Product Description
Absorbent paper pellets with odor control designed especially for use in housetraining your dog (up to 3) to use a litter pan. Made of recycled materials. Just scoop and dispose of waste.
Product Details
  • Amazon Sales Rank: #2685 in Pet Products
  • Size: 25 Lb
  • Brand: Second Nature
  • Model: 702204
  • Released on: 2013-08-14
  • Ingredients:
    Super-absorbent paper based pellets
    Highly-effective odor control
    Non-tracking, non-staining
    Made from recycled materials
  • Dimensions: 4.00" h x 13.00" w x 18.00" l, 25.00 pounds
  • Product Features
  • Train your dog to use a litter pan!
  • Secondnature Dog Litter's absorbent paper pellets with odor control designed especially for use in housetraining your dog to use a litter pan
  • Includes a free second nature Training Guide in the bag
  • Made of recycled materials
  • Customer Reviews

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    5Best product for litter training your dog!
    By K. Leu
    I'm one of few pet moms who have litter trained our Pomeranian. She's been using a tray with these pellets for 11 years. I always fear that one of these days they won't make this product anymore b/c so few dog owners litter train and then I will be out of luck! Can't say enough about this product. Love, love, love!

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    5Great for small or long-coated breeds!
    By Busybrain
    Our small dog (a Havanese) came from show lines and was trained to use a litter box before we got him. This helps keep the dogs' coats in condition because they do not have to be put out in rain, snow, muddy spring conditions, etc. We have kept this up with him because it also prevents worry if we are away from the house longer than we'd like. This litter is the nicest we have used, and is what our breeder uses also. It smells good, absorbs moisture well without disintegrating into an unscoopable mass, and our dog accepts it readily. We have also found that using a "Litter Genie" purposed for cat litter makes the litter stretch a lot longer. As always, we pick up waste when it happens and flush it, but the moistened litter can be scooped out and put into the Genie instead of having to empty the entire box every other day or so. Highly recommend!

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    4Good solution for sensitive breeds
    By Amazon Customer
    I've been using this product for 4 months. My 9 pound Italian greyhound puppy was originally trained with pads, but living in a cold climate I knew it would be uncomfortable for her to be housebroken outside.

    The transition from pads to pellets took about a week. As recommended, I slowly exposed more of the pellets every couple days and less of the pad until she eventually understood. She rarely goes potty outside, even on walks or during playtime. Another user mentioned cleaning the poop right away; this has been critical for our training as she will poop elsewhere if there is poop in the tray. Luckily, it cleans up quickly and I just flush down the toilet. I keep a layer of pellets on the pan and change the litter once a week. A 25 pound bag will typically last 3 to 4 weeks for us.

    The pellets are about the width of a long skinny tootsie roll and about 2 inches long. My puppy definitely munches them occasionally, but it has been less and less over time. I also discussed this with our vet just to make sure it wouldn't be an issue if she swallowed some. They are non-toxic and she hasn't had any noticeable issues. She mostly likes to carry around a piece after fresh litter is in.

    The system is clean (definitely moreso than cleaning up outside poops or stinky pads) but I sweep up small pellet messes a couple times a week, just to keep things tidy. The pellets are not scent-free, but not overpowering. Kitty litter is much more potent than this. They absorb quickly and, once wet, the pellets will crumble to dust. Since my pup tends to use the same spot, I'll give the pan a shake each day to shift the used and unused pellets around.

    Overall, this is a great product for us. It's a wonderful alternative for smaller dogs, especially those with health problems or those that need to be indoors for long stretches. I would not recommend for large breeds.

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