Heath Outdoor Products HB-1 Squirrel Baffle
Heath Outdoor Products HB-1 Squirrel Baffle
Manufacturer : Heath Outdoor Products
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Product Description
Stop squirrels from feeding at your hanging feeders with the Heath Outdoor Products Hanging Squirrel Baffle. Designed to tip at the slightest touch, this baffle works with any hanging feeder. It's made from high strength polycarbonate plastic and is UV-resistant for long lasting protection.
Product Details
  • Amazon Sales Rank: #63378 in Lawn & Patio
  • Size: Inquiries - by email
  • Color: Clear
  • Brand: Heath Outdoor Products
  • Model: HB-1
  • Number of items: 1
  • Dimensions: 2.20" h x 13.00" w x 13.00" l, .75 pounds
  • Product Features
  • Stop squirrels from feeding at hanging bird feeders
  • Designed to tip at the slightest touch
  • High strength, UV-resistant polycarbonate plastic for durability
  • Works with any hanging bird feeder
  • Customer Reviews

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    3Nice, but can unscrew
    By J. Gray
    This is a nice shield, assembled by screwing the two hooks above and below the shield into a double-sided nut. That is a problem, because if the feeder hanging from it turns in the wind, it will unscrew the hook and the whole shebang will fall to the ground. I will try Locktite on the threads of the hooks.

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    5A great squirrel deterrant
    By David Eaton
    I go through 25 lbs of bird feed every 3-4 weeks in the 2 feeders hanging off my porch &, even though they are "squirrel proif" of the squirrel tries to put his weight on the perch, those crafty tree rats learned to climb up the rod holding the feeder off the railing, then hang from the top of the feeder & have a buffet off my sunflower seeds.

    Simply by hanging this "shiekd" between the pole & the top of the feeder it blocked them from reaching the feeder all together - and gas the added benefit of providing some protection from the rain.

    1 of 1 people found the following review helpful.
    5The Price is Right!
    By nancy j. martin
    This baffle works perfectly for me. I have also taken to a very effective squirrel deterrent with all my feeders. I purchased spinners which are used on fishing lines. I attach the spinner to either a suet cage directly, then feed a key chain ring through the end that would attach to fishing line and hang the feeder this way. It makes it impossible for the squirrel to gain any purchase on the feeder and they just give up. (there can be no large branches around for the squirrels to anchor themselves on). With all other large feeders I employ the same measures, however you attach the spinner to the ring at top of feeder, then as instructed previously attached another Key ring to hang it by.

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