Brand New Parrot Bird Cage Cages Play W/Stand L24xW16xH53 *Black*
Brand New Parrot Bird Cage Cages Play W/Stand L24xW16xH53 *Black*
Manufacturer : masterpet
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Parrot Bird Cage Cages Play w/Stand 24x24x63
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  • Amazon Sales Rank: #177836 in Pet Products
  • Brand: masterpet
  • Product Features
  • Large swing out door (12.25" x 16.5"), Color: Black
  • 2 Easy access feeder doors (4.25 x 7 ) with door pins
  • 2 Feeder Cups with Feeder Doors (5 Diameter x 3 Height), 3 Perches, Pull Out Plastic Tray and Metal Grate
  • Dimension: 24 Length x 16 Depth x 53 Height, Cage Only: 24 Length x 16 Length x 30 Height, Bar Spacing: 5/8
  • Casters
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    5Wonderful Starter Cage for Single Small-Medium Parrot
    By Natalie Guinto
    Overall the design of the cage is great. Rather roomy for a single sun conure. Since I assembled the cage by myself I used zip ties to temporarily hold the cage together while I worked on tightening the metal tabs into place with pliers. To avoid nicking the paint with the pliers I used rags over the metal as I worked. The instructions included are compromised of limited pictures, so take your time and pay attention to detail.

    The rubber ball wheels are forgiving on my hardwood floor. The wheels allow you to smoothly move the cage without rattling it like the typical plastic castor wheels. The bottom stand is simple to assemble, the only part of the design that I found lack luster is the bottom metal grate that attaches to all four corners of the stand. The grate is rather thin and flimsy so be careful when handling so you avoid bending it out of shape. While putting the stand together I did not tighten all the bolts right away, just enough to keep them in place. Once all the parts were put together I went back and tighten them. I find that this prevents the cage from wobbling after the fact.

    The plastic pull-out tray is simple to remove for daily cleaning. I only wish the metal grate just above the pull-out tray was as easy to remove for cleaning. Since my bird likes to go the very bottom and wipe his beak on the metal grate, there's always a concern of him picking up bacteria that can be found in his droppings (bird droppings can carry pathogens for over 60 diseases). While I wipe the grate down every day, it would be nice to give the grate a proper hose down more frequently.

    The stainless steel bowls that come with the cage have an indent at the top that squeezes into the wire bowl holder. It's pretty tight and you have to push down with good force to get them in and pull equally as firmly to get them out. I have mixed feeling about this. It prevents my bird from lifting them out of the wire holder but makes it more likely to spill water everywhere if I pull to hard. I ended up using lock crock bowls instead. There are two feeding doors along the right side of the cage. The doors open smoothly for easy access if you wish to use them. My sun conure likes the food and water close together, and since the feeding doors are too far apart I don't use them.

    The open top is easy to use. Simply place the wooden dowel/perch into place. My sun conure loves to climb out as soon as the top is opened. I have a tall lamp with a Zoo Med Avian Sun 5.0 bulb ( a non-heat producing full spectrum bulb) right over the cage and, my sun conure gets as close as he can to the light via the open top.

    Great price and good amount of room for a single small-medium parrot. The black color doesn't show stains as much as lighter colored or white cages. I would highly recommend this cage for someone who is looking for a reasonably priced starter cage. Doesn't take up to much room and is fairly presentable.

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    5Bird cage
    By Friend of Feathered Friends
    Received on time. No instructions were with the cage but I figured it out and put it together no problem and my exotic conure loves it.

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    4for 2 cockatiels.
    By Betty Andrade
    This cage was too small for them but would probably work well for Parakeets, canaries or other smaller birds .

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