Jungle Talk Pet Products BJN47010 Play Phone Bird Interactive Toys, Large
Jungle Talk Pet Products BJN47010 Play Phone Bird Interactive Toys, Large
Manufacturer : JungleTalk
Amazon Price : $11.15
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Avg. Customer Rating:3.5 of 5.0
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This product is easy to use. This product adds a great value. This product is Manufactured in China. This product is designed for pets and there use.
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  • Amazon Sales Rank: #21191 in Pet Products
  • Size: Large
  • Brand: JungleTalk
  • Model: 37847010
  • Number of items: 1
  • Dimensions: .2" h x .2" w x .2" l, .2 pounds
  • Product Features
  • This product is easy to use
  • This product adds a great Value
  • This product is Manufactured in China
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    By Mrs. Bernard
    This was my Eclectus Parrot's favorite toy. It could have killed him had I not been home when the clip that attaches the toy to the cage broke. It then became a hook that was stuck under his jaw. He was hanging from it. It took a lot of frantic work to dislodge it. VERY poor design as the clip is attached to the chain, not slipped through like most of the other toys. This prevents being able to change out this cheaply made clip for a better one. I will definitely pay more attention to the types of clips before I attach any toys to the cage. Thankfully, my guy will be okay. It was a very upsetting experience.

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    5Some birds cannot resist the Talk 'n Play Phone
    By ParrotSlave
    [[VIDEOID:moKW376YEBNA62]]Watch Buddy at play with one of these little gadgets, and you'll see that the bird forgets about everything else in the world, just for those few moments. Buddy gets rough with it, and he eventually broke the mirror on one of them, but the mirror is plastic, not glass, so I don't see a problem there. The only danger I would anticipate would be if you mount the toy to the side or top of a cage, because the vigorous grabbing and playing could cause the toy to swing back and hit the bird. I decided to leave the phone loose to prevent that happening. It's hard to tell whether Buddy hates it with a passion or if he is just playing. Birds do get totally involved in games just as kids do, and Buddy's feathers display the same way when we are playing tug of war with old socks or old feathers, or even playing catch with socks.

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    5perfect for Caiques
    By Chel Micheline
    First and foremost, this toy does not allow you to "program" the sounds, so you are stuck with the four pre-recorded sounds that it comes with. The sounds are okay- nothing to write home about as the sound quality of the toy is horrible. But it kind of takes off the pressure of figuring out what sounds to record.

    We put it in our Caique's cage and she IMMEDIATELY went to it and started messing with it. She's mostly interested in the mirror, but she quickly figured out that pressing the buttons (more like chewing on them) makes noise and lights, so she explored that for a while before going back to basically battering the phone around and talking at the mirror, which is pretty much par for the course with Caiques.

    After several days, she's still playing with it regularly, and her battering has not caused any damage to the toy. I think it's a perfect toy for a Caique or a bird of similar size. Our Caique is definitely interested in toys and things like pacifiers and blocks, so despite the rather large and heavy nature of this toy, she wasn't spooked by it and is still interested in it. I'm not sure how it will fare for the very long term, but so far, so good!

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