Sun Chlorella USA 60 Rejuva-A-Wafers, 72g/2.5 oz
Sun Chlorella USA 60 Rejuva-A-Wafers, 72g/2.5 oz
Manufacturer : Sun Chlorella USA
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Product Description
Does your dog or cats coat lack luster? Are they not as energetic as they used to be? Are you concerned they are not digesting all the nutrients they need to stay healthy? Are you worried about harmful pesticides and environmental toxins your pet might be exposed to?Rejuv-A-Wafers could be just what you need to help detoxify and nourish your pet with the proper nutrients he or she needs to live a healthy and happy life, full of energy and vitality.Rejuv-A-Wafers is an all-natural plant-based whole food supplement. A superfood supplement that nourishes your pet with its delicate balance of nutrients, minerals, and enzymes-commonly destroyed during the cooking and processing of conventional pet foods.
Product Details
  • Amazon Sales Rank: #23087 in Pet Products
  • Size: 60
  • Brand: Sun Chlorella USA
  • Model: SCU-RJA
  • Ingredients: Chlorella, lecithin, eleuthero. Does not contain sugar, artificial flavorings or preservatives. Only human grade materials are used in this product.
  • Dimensions: 2.30" h x 6.00" w x 8.50" l, .25 pounds
  • Product Features
  • Reinforce the Body's Ability to React to Stress and Provides Added Energy
  • Rejuvenating Your Loving Companion with Nature's Most Nutritious Superfood
  • A Daily Supplement Packed with Beneficial Antioxidants, Vitamin C and Vitamin A
  • A Natural Detoxifier and Fiber to Support a Healthy Tummy
  • Beneficial Deodorizing Your Pet with Fresher Breath and Improved Body Odor
  • Customer Reviews

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    5like a miracle
    By Christine
    Our 12 yr old Schnauzer became suddenly very ill and debilitated, with severe balance and walking issues. (Vet exam was inconclusive and he didn't respond to anti-inflamatory meds from vet.) At first, I thought it was a possible reaction to rabies vaccine and found out chlorella helps to detoxify heavy metals. I found the Rejuv-a- wafers on line. I also gave him a spice called Turmeric, on the good advise of another dog owner. ( Those were the only 2 changes that were made). Zach loves them and has made a full recovery. He is full of energy. His coat is healthy. He is a very happy dog. He will be getting one Rejuv-a -wafer daily for the rest of his life.

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    5Recommended for everybody!
    By Catherine.
    Originally, I had purchased the Rejuv-A-Waffers to help out my two puppies. One of them was diagnosed with Parvo, and was placed in an animal hospital. He was on IV for three days, received a plasma transfusion, bunches of medicine, etc. When he was being discharged, the vet had said he was doing better, but he still had a way to go. The day before being discharged, my other puppy was also diagnosed with Parvo. We didn't have the money to give her the same care, unfortunately, but was treating her at home. We were doing research to try to find the best thing to give them to bring them back to optimal health. People swear by this, so we figured we would invest the money and give it a shot.

    The wafers arrived about a day after my first puppy was brought back home from the animal hospital. From what I understand, Parvo attacks a dog's intestinal tract, which can lead to sepsis if untreated. One of the main symptoms, as a result, is horrible diarrhea. When we took our dog home, his stool hadn't become solid yet after a couple of days. We started giving him these wafers, and within days his stool was solid again. He ended up making a full recovery, and even though we gave him medicine and he received proper care, I feel he made a quicker recovery once we started giving him the wafers. The second dog, we ended up doing at-home treatment. We started giving her the wafers, too, and she also recovered quickly. Really, it felt like instantly- she didn't need to go to the animal hospital, nothing.

    This was a month or two ago. Now, both dogs are doing great! They're growing everyday, exploring their world, and I can't be more grateful that they survived a disease that takes the lives of so many puppies. I wholeheartedly believe that these wafers helped my dogs in their recovery time, and would recommend it for anybody. Not just people who have an ill dog, but anyone who wants to put an extra pep in their dog's step. It's worth it.

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    5Highly recommended, helped my cat Bobby!!
    By Sunshine Lady
    I have a large main coon male cat named Bobby who was very allergic. His skin and coat were very poor the last couple of years. Bobby was a stray cat who is a bit of a wild feral, although is likes being pet , I'm unable to give him a bath treatment with out getting bit. I tried natural cat food and topical sprays from pet stores, nothing seemed to help. Bobby was itching and licking constantly, covered in bald patches and scabs , in the summer it was even worse, I was embarrassed for any neighbors to see him. I tried Rejuva-a-wafers just 30 days and Bobby is almost 100% healed, only a small bald patch on his head remains. He seems calmer and happier, climbing trees again and is not licking and chewing at his skin. I put a wafer in his food once a day and he seems to like the flavor. He is a picky eater so I'm happy he likes them. He ate them a few times on their own, but I like to put them in a little wet food and make sure he eats it. I would highly recommend these for anyone with dogs and cats. They are amazing.

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