As Seen on TV 56028 My Fun Fish Tank, 4 3/4 x 6 x 10-Inch
As Seen on TV 56028 My Fun Fish Tank, 4 3/4 x 6 x 10-Inch
Manufacturer : As Seen On TV
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Product Description
It's the aquarium that cleans itself! With the My Fun FishTM cleaning tank, cleaning an aquarium has never been so easy. Just pour clean water in, and watch as dirty water pours out through the disposal tube. A great gift for first-time pet owners, this self-cleaning fish tank is the perfect low-maintenance home for any finned friend. Switch on the included LED light to beautifully illuminate your pet's home. 4 3/4" long x 6" wide x 10" high. Comes with aquarium rocks and aquatic plant. LED light requires 2 CR2025 batteries (Included).
Product Details
  • Amazon Sales Rank: #819 in Pet Products
  • Size: One Size
  • Brand: As Seen On TV
  • Model: 56028
  • Number of items: 1
  • Dimensions: 5.00" h x 5.00" w x 10.00" l, 1.00 pounds
  • Product Features
  • It's the aquarium that cleans itself
  • A great gift for first-time pet owners
  • Just pour clean water in and watch as dirty water pours out through the disposal tube
  • This self-cleaning fish tank is the perfect low-maintenance
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    5Very basic, but it works!
    By D. Bourn
    This a very basic, very simple tank.
    But it does what it says it does.

    I bought this tank/fish for my five year old daughter. I wanted something very low maintenance. I have an extensive history in tropical fish husbandry/breeding and, while I enjoyed it immensely, I was looking for the exact opposite with the setup for my daughter. Due to other small children in the house, I was seeking something not tied down by power cords. And I wanted something easy to clean.

    I was skeptical when purchasing this, but I read the reviews on here and they actually sounded promising. I knew going into it that it was 1) for a betta 2) would have to be cleaned frequently.

    I opened the box and everything was intact (not broken). I noticed that I probably wouldn't like the rocks and plant provided so I purchased small, smooth rocks sold in the pet store (probably cheaper elsewhere). I cleaned everything thoroughly (hot water only) and set the tank up...pretty easy stuff. I took two "stems" off the artificial silk plant I had purchased, and floated them in the tank. They provide more coverage for the betta similar to their natural habitat, and they are flexible by floating them (planted plants are not flexible and can appear to make more tighter spaces in the tank). I added a Little Mermaid decoration: completely necessary for a five year old's tank :)

    I added conditioned water to the tank, adding more water than needed to the tank so I could make sure the system worked.
    All systems go!

    Adding the fish:
    My daughter chose "Blue", a male Betta. We made sure the tank temperature was similar to the temp in his cup and we added him to the tank, with the water he was in (naturally this squeezed some water out of the cleaning system).

    He appears to like the tank quite well. The tank is 2 liters.
    Some would argue that this is pretty small, and they are right, but I have seen a lot smaller setups for Bettas, or I have seen large setups for them that just plain suck. "Blue" has plenty of room to swim around. I should add I didn't use many rocks, and the rocks I used are smaller than what is provided, and this gave a little more swimming room as well. He seems very content with his tank, and he especially loves his floating silk flowers.

    On the second day I noticed the water level had already dropped just a tad, but being how small the tank is, a tad makes a difference. So I added some water. I have to add a little water every other day. I also have to stick a heater in every day because the water temp drops pretty quickly. It is February right now so I'm assuming this will only be temporary. Luckily the heater I use can be inserted and removed easily (I purchased it separately from the tank). Be sure to use a heater that is made for a very small tank. I keep the temp at 73, however they can thrive in warmer temp than that. The tank heats up pretty fast so be careful!! And there is no water circulation, so when you are reading the temp make sure the water has been circulated beforehand so you're not getting a reading off of a pocket of water with a different temperature.

    I clean the tank every 2-3 days. I use one liter of conditioned water, of similar temperature to the tank. The system really works! You can see all the stuff floating up through the tube. Does it get 100% of everything? No, but it gets about 90% or more, and if you clean it every 2-3 days, 10% waste isn't bad at all. The tank is definitely perfect for one betta as far as waste-management goes. 2-3 days sounds like a lot, but it's not hard to add water to a tank...that's it!!!!

    What I don't like:
    The light is the only thing I don't care for. It works, and fits nicely over the tank. But it is battery-powered and won't last long. I was hoping to use it often for my daughter to observe the tank, so I'm anticipating buying A LOT of batteries in the future. But I wanted something without a power cord, so it is what it is. Extra batteries from the manufacturer would have been a nice bonus.

    **Update** September 2015
    The tank started getting algae in it more frequently, making it necessary to do a full scrub-down of everything once a week. The inside of the cleaning tube would get algae in it as well. "Blue" didn't seem to mind the tank changes or the little bit of algae that was in his tank before cleanings. Unfortunately we lost Blue six months after we got him and the tank. I'm not sure why; it could have been a tank change, but he survived many tank changes for many months.

    The light completely stopped working after about two months, so it's kind of laughable that I complained in my review about batteries, because now I have replacement batteries just sitting here for nothing ha! (I ordered replacement batteries from Amazon.)

    Now that we have done the experience with the tank and I can look back and reflect on the maintenance of the tank, I still believe it is a good tank for the price and it does what it advertises. But the algae problem turned me off so much that I will most likely get a small tank with a filter/circulating water in the future. We loved our experience with the tank though! RIP Blue <3

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    5A year later.....with proper care, the Betta is still healthy in MyFunFishTank
    By Techno13
    THE FACTS - I have a healthy, vibrant Betta fish living in a MyFunFishTank for about a year now. The fish is colorful, active and doing well. You need to apply some basic fundamentals in order for the fish to thrive.

    1. MyFunFishTank is only suitable for one Betta fish or a few guppies. Do not place in direct light (from a bulb or sun) or else excessive algae growth will occur. Use the LED supplied light sparingly.

    2. For Betta fish, the water in the tank needs to be kept between 74 degrees F to 82 degrees F for optimum health. Depending on the climate of where you live and especially during the winter months, some sort of heating device may be needed to keep the water between these temperatures. I placed a small 20 watt aquarium heater in a water filled container with a lid and some rocks and placed the MyFunFishTank on top. Make sure the aquarium heater is plugged into a GFCI outlet for safety reasons. An aquarium thermometer (either stick-on or glass bulb) is also a must to confirm the water temperature and you’ll need a small net with a fine, delicate mesh for gently removing/transferring fish.

    3. Never use water straight from the tap (it will kill the fish) for flushing and replenishing the tank. It must first be conditioned to remove harmful chemicals. I keep a cleaned out 1 gallon plastic milk jug in which I add about 7 drops of water conditioner to 1 gallon of water and let it sit for about 1 hour before use. Water conditioner is inexpensive and available at several pet shops & department stores. I average a water flush about every 1 to 3 days after the evening feeding, depending on how much food is left uneaten. Obtain a square container (cut plastic milk bottle) to keep next to the MyFunFishTank for catching the overflow water. The concept of MyFunFishTank relies on the changing of dirty water with fresh, conditioned water……..this is better than filtering the same dirty water over and over again !!!

    4. Feed the fish regularly in the morning and the evening per the amount specified on the selected fish food. There are pellets available at pet shops and department stores specifically suited for Bettas.

    5. Change the arrangement of the rocks or ornaments in the tank every few months. Even with the small size of the tank, the fish will thrive due the environmental stimulus of scenery changes. Having a small broad-leaved live plant is also beneficial.

    6. You will still need to give the tank a good cleaning about once every 5 to 6 months. Use tap water (use no soaps or cleaners) and paper towel for rinsing and cleaning the inside of tank surfaces, tubes, rocks and ornaments. Refill the tank after cleaning with the conditioned water and make sure the temperature is between 74 degrees F to 82 degrees F. Gradually re-introduce the fish into the water after cleaning the tank.

    MyFunFishTank will be an excellent home for a single Betta or a few guppies if you follow the above guidelines.

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    5Great small fish tank.
    By Shirelindy
    [[VIDEOID:mo9DKH17NXQBA7]]I did not purchase my fish tank on amazon. I found it at a Rite Aid for $14.99. I don't begrudge amazon the price increase because it does include two day shipping (prime) and not everyone has easy access to Rite Aids.

    I can't be happier with my purchase.

    I was skeptical about this fish tank due to the price and the reviews on Amazon which I checked before purchase. The assembly directions were a little on the confusing side and I had to reference the photo on the box to make sure I had it assembled correctly. There are only eight parts and even taking my time this took just a few minutes and I got it right on the first go.

    The system works perfectly. When water is gently poured into the top of the fish tank, the pressure change causes the dirty fish gunk at the bottom is propelled up through the pipe and out into a glass on the side. This water is fishy and I don't recommend using a drinking glass. The fish are safe due to a simple screen at the bottom of the tank which is secured by the decorative rocks.

    My only complaint about the product is that the plastic does not scream of the highest quality but I really can't take away from the review until I actually have a problem with it.

    I read the other reviews and I have a few comments. There is a lot of debate in the fish world about how much space a betta needs. They can servive in a quarter inch puddle for days but it doesn't mean they like it. They also could live in a 10 gallon tank all my themselves but the larger spaces might overwhelm them. I recommend you do a little research and find your own opinion. My opinion is that a quart is enough water for a happy betta so long as it is kept clean. Those little one-pint bowls where the fish can barely turn around has always seemed two small. I look at a betta in a 1 quart bowl and it really seems sufficient.

    The box does not say on it anywhere how much water it holds. My guess is 1 quart though I have not measured it.

    The other review that the fish died in a day. That could be for many reasons unrelated to the tank. The fish could have been sick to start out with. The water could have been of improper quality. There is nothing about the tank itself that is bad for a fish.

    When you start out with your tank be sure to rinse everything thoroughly but do not use any soap or cleaning products. Be sure there is no lotion on your hands when you handle anything going into the tank. Fish are very sensitive to chemicals that we don't usually think about. I used tap water from Los Angeles County. I rested the water for about 20 minutes to clear out the air bubbles and then added Aquarium water conditioner and Perfect pH 7.0. It takes very little of both of these, only 0.5 mL. All bottles will come with a means of measurement and just follow the directions. It is also important to make sure the water is about the same temperature as the water the fish is coming from. I go by feel but some people like to "float" their new betta in the new aquarium until the water in their bag or cup equalizes. The shock of too much temperature can be very bad for the fish and cause them to perish.

    I recommend resting and treating any new water that you are going to pour into the top. When you do so, the water will come out with as much force as it is put in. When I "dumped" water in, it emerged from the spickett with force and dropped the water level about an inch lower than needed. You can gently add more water to bring up the water line to level with the spicket. Feel free to play around with adding water during the rinsing and set-up phase to get comfortable before there is a fish in it. It's really easy but I always like to try it out. It's probably a good idea to do a full traditional water change every once in a while but I'll report back if that proves to be necessary. Maybe this truly never needs traditional water changes.

    In summary, I love the aquarium. I may buy another one because I love bettas and these do take a lot of work out of water changes. I'm posting a picture and a video. I added my own rocks, plant, and cave because I like the look of it. The set comes with rocks and a plant that you can use.

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