WORLD'S BEST CAT LITTER 391032 Clumping Litter Formula 28-Pound
WORLD'S BEST CAT LITTER 391032 Clumping Litter Formula 28-Pound
Manufacturer : World's Best Cat Litter
Amazon Price : $23.99
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Product Description
Advanced natural clumping cat litter quickly traps solids and liquids into small clumps that don't break up. That means less wasted litter and easier scooping for you! features: smaller, tighter clumps; absorbs more liquid; long lasting; not strip mined; lighter material. More and more pet parents are solving their litter box problem with world's best cat litter because it's the quick clumping and easy scooping solution that is pet, people and planet friendly!
Product Details
  • Amazon Sales Rank: #105 in Pet Products
  • Size: 28-Pound Bag
  • Brand: World's Best Cat Litter
  • Model: 391032
  • Released on: 2013-08-14
  • Fabric type: NA
  • Number of items: 1
  • Dimensions: 16.00" h x .0" w x .0" l, 28.00 pounds
  • Product Features
  • 2 times more powerful odor control
  • Smaller clumps, no scraping off the bottom
  • Made in the USA
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    5Appropriately named "World's Best Cat Litter" !
    So as a young child I had a cat. As an adult I've visited many places that owned cats. There really isn't anything worse than a house that smells like cat pee or the nasty clay cat litter. A well kept and beautiful house is totally ruined with nasty cat smell. So, when our family decided to get a cat it was a decision I didn't take lightly and I wanted to make sure to prevent that. I researched quite a bit before making a choice.

    I saw reviews on a lot of different cat litters and ultimately despite the price I decided this one was worth a shot. This cat litter is SOOOOO different from what I remember about cat litters. It is made of corn and can be flushed down the toilet which is insanely convenient. It does have a fragrance that to me smells like corn but I have had guests come and ask them what they smell and they didn't even notice it at all. So I'm unsure if there is any "real" fragrance that isn't in my head.

    The thing that really shocks me about the cat litter is how well it clumps!!!! It's crazy I just don't even know how it does it. It's inexplainable. I can tell you when your cat uses the box it forms a little perfect ball/cone and it separates from the rest of the litter perfectly. I have noticed one thing that I find myself wondering is some peoples problem. If you only put a tiny bit of litter in the box (which is what I was used to do from childhood) and the pee makes it all the way to the bottom of the pan it's somewhat problematic. Then when you try to get it out you gotta get it unstuck from the bottom and ultimately YOU break up the perfect clump. If you simply fill the box more the benefits are remarkable. It clumps so amazing it doesn't really leave behind any yucky when you sift it so from what I experienced so far you really don't need to empty the whole pan every couple days so you aren't wasting by over filling it. The trick is simply to have enough litter in the pan that it forms 1 clump without making it all the way to the bottom of the pan. I put about 4 inches I'd say in mine and it's perfection.

    FOR THE TL;DR people:

    4.) NO DUST

    1.) COST - In the realm of cat litters it's more expensive than most others.

    --- I truly can't think of any other cons.

    CONSENSUS - This is the greatest cat litter ever. It works, it's no hassle, it's amazing. The cost is without a doubt worth it. Cat lovers around the world have to be rejoicing when this was invented. It takes all the unpleasant tasks of owning a cat and leaves only the good.

    Added pictures to show you the awesome clumping action.

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    1World's WORST LITTER for tracking and dustiness--and clogs toilet
    By Jeff Gammon
    I don't understand why this litter is reviewed as well as it is. In my experience after buying two bags, it clumps well and masks well the smell of cat urine, but it fails on the tracking and dust fronts. My cat tracks the litter well away from the litter box (I even bought a new litter mat to try to prevent that from happening), but the worst problem is the dust from this litter. I end up with dusty cat footprints on my wooden floors, bedding, and upholstery (see photo). The litter comes in tiny grains that quickly break down into a flour-like texture, which gets tracked all over. Imagine your cat walking through corn meal and then gallivanting around your house; that's what this litter ends up being like. Also, after starting to use this litter, my toilet started to clog; the clumpiness of the litter, I believe, caused clogs in the neck of the toilet, which caused me to flush small batches of the waste--no big deal, but a bit of an inconvenience. I do not recommend it. I'd been looking for something better than pine pellet litters, but now I am still on that quest. For me, this litter didn't live up to the praise--and certainly NOT the name of "world's best cat litter."

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    1Moths, Moths, & More Moths!
    By shrinking footprint
    I've used WBCL for more than 4 years and despite the $-price-$, I've been very pleased with how well it clumps and controls odors. It also lasts much longer in the litter box than most other natural litters. However, my most recently purchased bags came with a moth infestation. I am disappointed and, quite frankly, angry about this! I have placed glue boards all around my basement as well as a Raid glue stick to try to get rid of them. I have a houseful of pets so I do not want to use chemicals, sprays or otherwise. These 2 most recently purchased bags were from 2 different stores which leads me to believe this is a manufacturing problem, as well as the fact that the plastic bags are very well sealed. I have recently switched to another brand of litter made from grass and hopefully will not suffer the same problem. I've been using all natural litter for a long time and this is the first time/brand that I've had to deal with bugs, I pray it's the last! I've attached a picture of just some of the glue boards filling up. I couldn't fit all of them in 1 shot!
    Not recommended.
    UPDATE: I contacted the manufacturer about this problem and they advised me to get a refund from the store where I purchased the litter. They also stated that if the store refused, they would issue the refund. Only problem is I no longer have the bag it came in. They must have the UPC number from the packaging in order to issue a refund so I'm SOL here. So, if you have bugs/moths in your bag of WBCL, keep the bag so you can get your money back!

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